Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Disarming San France-isco...


Talk about April fools. They will be the one's disarming this spring in San France-isco. The criminals will be stockpiling in advance... including domestic gangs and terror cells. Check out Michelle's take on this.

And Neal Boortz' take on the ban is that it will... (HT: Michelle Malkin)

require that every resident of San Francisco who owns a handgun to turn it in to the government by April 1st. April 1st, by the way, is more commonly known as "April Fool's Day." Even voters in San Francisco should be bright enough to figure out that law-abiding citizens will be the ones to turn over their guns, while the lawless, the criminal element, will not. The number of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens will go down. The number of guns in the hands of criminals will not.

It is particularly amazing that 58% of the San Francisco voters would support this foolish measure after New Orleans. San Francisco faces the prospect of a naturaldisaster far worse than Katrina. Do the people of San Francisco think that the criminal element will just stay home and behave after the earthquake hits? There will be no violence? No looting? After the experience of the victims of the lawless in New Orleans it is hard to believe that any logical group of Americans would voluntarily disarm. But ... I did say logical, didn't I?

As promised... In a previous set of posts on the violence in Europe, I made the point that consequence, like revenge, is a dish served cold. San Francisco, like its French models (New Orleans included), will too have its taste of the cold swill of violent recompense. Yet, by the time the most insane city in America recognizes such a lesson, it will be far too late for the people to repent. In clear violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, the participating electorate of the City by the Bay have made a majority decision (regardless of how tight) to dispense with the right to keep and bear arms. On April 1st, 2006, the law abiding citizens will oblige and voluntarily disarm by means of sale or surrender. And Craiglist does not allow the sale of firearms.

Those that do not, regardless of their respect for civility and loyalty to law, will become criminals of that City State. Those that already reside outside the boundaries of common civility will certainly not oblige. The City State of San Francisco, established in direct opposition to the Laws of California and of the United States, having effectively seceded by means of rejection of both ratified Constitutions, will remain an armed city. Yet, only the criminals will be armed.

God help them, when the ground begins to shake... or the remaining Amendments fall off the edge of their concern in favor of additional offerings of momentary popular whimsical consensus from the people who abandoned liberty (Oops!... and God) in favor of quasi-humanitarian dogma.


olga said...

It's simply incredible, not even Chicago and DC dispensed with the grandfathering exemption...And I was looking for a job in SF... no way Jose! I love my Walther too much :O)
I always think I am having the worst of it by living in NYC but every time I am in CA I am happy I am a New Yorker LOL

Mr.Atos said...

Indeed! If Portland (San France North) tries that crap, we'll head for the hills where Oregon is 90% Red and the bush beckons a master of sanity.