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Let Slip The Lies of Vietnam...

Mr. Atos

Former Marine Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey has been fabricating his experiences in Iraq.
Michelle Malkin directs readers to the tales of one Jimmy Massey, as exposed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,

For more than a year, former Marine Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey has been telling anybody who will listen about the atrocities that he and other Marines committed in Iraq.

In scores of newspaper, magazine and broadcast stories, at a Canadian immigration hearing and in numerous speeches across the country, Massey has told how he and other Marines recklessly, sometimes intentionally, killed dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians.Among his claims:

Marines fired on and killed peaceful Iraqi protesters.

Americans shot a 4-year-old Iraqi girl in the head.

A tractor-trailer was filled with the bodies of civilian men, women and children killed by American artillery.

Massey's claims have gained him celebrity. Last month, Massey's book, "Kill, Kill, Kill," was released in France. His allegations have been reported in nationwide publications such as Vanity Fair and USA Today, as well as numerous broadcast reports. Earlier this year, he joined the anti-war bus tour of Cindy Sheehan, and he's spoken at Cornell and Syracuse universities, among others.
Sound familiar? It should to anyone over age thirty because it is the exact same flavor of recollection that leant tale to history regarding the conflict in Vietnam as propagated by the American Left in books, and allegory, fables and movies. And in the aftermath of a region devastated not by War, but by the insane lust of communism feeding on the misery of millions of dead and wounded and displaced, it's guilty enablers were obliged to fabricate a tale to both conceal and reconcile their own complicity in that atrocity. What's worse, they used that lie to promote their own political ambitions while denigrating a nation and the good men and women who who served a righteous effort to save a people from the abatoire of similar, albeit more barbarous, vision.

And here, the wretched vermin of enablers and cynics are at it again. The story goes on,

News organizations worldwide published or broadcast Massey's claims without any
corroboration and in most cases without investigation. Outside of the Marines, almost no one has seriously questioned whether Massey, a 12-year veteran who was honorably discharged, was telling the truth.

He wasn't.

Each of his claims is either demonstrably false or exaggerated - according to his fellow Marines, Massey's own admissions, and the five journalists who were embedded with Massey's unit, including a reporter and photographer from the Post-Dispatch and reporters from The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal.

(emphasis added)
"News organizations worldwide published or broadcast Massey's claims without any corroboration and in most cases without investigation." Are we surprised? Journalists today have become the enablers, as indeed many of the editors, producers, and mentors of today's breed of propagandists are the very same enablers who peddled the mendacious tales of Southeast Asia four decades before. Today they encourage and promote the same mentality about 'Bush's War' without evidence and with all facts to the contrary, while again neglecting the atrocity and this time ignoring the real butchers standing on the doorstep. The story goes on,

Massey was discharged in December 2003, shortly after returning from Iraq due to depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

He began turning up in the press and on broadcasts last spring with stories about military atrocities. Massey's primary thrust has been that Marines from his battalion - some of whom, he told a Minneapolis audience, were "psychopathic killers" - recklessly shot and killed Iraqi civilians, sometimes, he said, upon orders from their commanders.

During a hearing in Canada, Massey said, "We deliberately gunned down people who were civilians." The Marine Corps investigated Massey's claims and said they were "unsubstantiated."

From the beginning, Massey misled reporters.

And the Left - never having met an Anti-American they didn't like, or want to elect President - embraced this man and his opportunistic slander of his fellow soldiers without pause... here, here, here, here, and even Al Jazeera. Just as they did with Vietnam, the Left is willing to fabricate history in process in order to promote their perverse perceptions, even if it means destroying the very mechanisms that afford them such innane indulgences. Perhaps now we can understand this in its proper perspective watching the tales they weave exposed in the process as the charade collapses before yet another of their malicious follies.

It might beg the question regarding the Left, have they ever been right about anything?

Michelle has more on this story again today, including links and transcripted interviews with the author of the Post-Dispatch expose.

And check out Gateway Pundit. (HT. Michelle Malkin)

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olga said...

this is what happens when a devil dog goes bad... Very sad...
looks like Kerry's fame keeps Massey awake at nights. Very similar to what Kerry did post-Vietnam, and, of course, our MSM is all over it, thankful for anything to smear our military and our President with... What a shame...(I have much stronger words but they are not for publishing...)