Saturday, November 05, 2005

Best Served Cold...


If indeed revenge is a dish best served cold, so to is its cousin, consequence. At the moment, France is being served with a giant dish of
Vichyssoise in recognition of its ignorance. And yet if we in the U.S. continue to acknowledge the suicidal stupidity of the radical Left as anything but unbridaled juvenile malice, we too will be force fed double servings of the cold broth.

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs noticed the same thing I did in the latest AP report of the violence spreading in Europe. It is deliberate misinformation of a degree so neglegent as to be bordering on complicity.

AUBERVILLIERS, France - Marauding youths torched nearly 900 vehicles, stoned paramedics and burned a nursery school in a ninth night of violence that spread from Paris suburbs to towns around France, police said Saturday. Authorities arrested more than 250 people overnight — a sweep unprecedented since the unrest began...

...The violence, which was concentrated in neighborhoods with large African and Muslim populations but has since spread, has forced France to address the simmering anger of its suburbs, where immigrants and their French-born children live on the margins of society. (emphasis added to highlight the platitude)
From all that I have read, the rioting is occuring exclusively at the hands of violent Islamic radicals, and the only spread that has occurred is geographic, not demographic. The violence has spread to other Islamic communities throughout France and even other parts of Europe, as Wretchard reports at Belmont Club,

The riots have already reached 20 suburbs of Paris. The Reuters story suggests they may now be spreading to other cities. French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is hinting darkly of conspiracies. Should one conclude even more serious developments are in the offing? I don't know. I think that neither Sarkozy nor the conspirators he refers to understand the exact potential of this thing, which is behaving like a chaotic system whose trajectory is difficult to predict except in the very short term.
The Left is incapable of grasping reality. And Western media with its similar dominant persuasion is likewise handicapped. To believe and report that the mayhem is the product of impoverished frustration, brands a serious episode with the Leftist chimera of class struggle, but does not begin to convey the truth about what is happening, thereby camouflaging a serious crisis.

As Johnson further notes, citing an MSNBC story,

An incendiary device was tossed at the wall of a synagogue in Pierrefitte, northwest of Paris.
And Michelle Malkin posted on this story yesterday from Sky News,

A handicapped woman was doused with petrol and set on fire by youths during another night of rioting in Paris.The 56-year-old suffered third degree burns to 20% of her body in the attack.Witnesses said a youth poured petrol over the woman and then threw a Molotov cocktail on to the bus she was travelling on in the suburb of Sevran.
Might someone at the AP beg the question, what does the torching of a synagogue and the immolation of a 56-year old handicapped woman have to do with impoverished rancor? It has everything in common with Islamic fundamentalism currently plaguing the globe in the form of terrorism, and until Western media chooses to come to grips with the facts in this matter, they will continue to force feed the public cold cucumber swill disguise as truth with a main course of chilled consequence. We might deserve it, but we certainly won't like it.


AP posts a follow-up story on the riots, noting particular incidents of violence, yet continues to neglect the fact that the perpetrators are organized bands of Muslim immigrants.

In quiet Acheres, on the edge of the St. Germain forest west of the capital, arsonists torched a nursery school, where part of the roof caved in, and about a dozen cars in four attacks over an hour that the mayor said seemed "perfectly organized..."

In one particularly malevolent attack, youths in the eastern Paris suburb of Meaux prevented paramedics from evacuating a sick person from a housing project. They pelted rescuers with rocks, then torched the waiting ambulance, an Interior Ministry official said.
The American Thinker suggests there is a media blackout of events as rioting has spread Crhus, the second largest city in Denmark.

Rosenhrj Mall has several nights in a row been the scene of the worst riots in Crhus for years. "This area belongs to us", the youths proclaim. Sunday evening saw a new arson attack. Their words sound like a clear declaration of war on the Danish society. Police must stay out. The area belongs to immigrants...
But, some media outlets are getting the story correct, as World Net Daily’s Jack Cashill takes the time to conduct authentic journalism.
In Figaro, all these accounts of violence are written in the passive voice. One must read more than two hundred words into the article before learning that there are actual émeutiers Рrioters Рcausing the problem. The riots began a week earlier when two "adolescents" ran from the police who were checking identification papers. Although the police did not chase them, the two youths hid in an electrical power sub-station and electrocuted themselves. This, of course, has led not to a Darwin Award Рthat will come later Рbut to much official hand-wringing and investigations of the police as well as a week of madness throughout the nation.

As to the demographics of the two boys and the rioters, the unknowing reader is left without a clue for the first 700 words of the article, save for the fact that theyrepresent part of a "more global, anti-institutional struggle."

The first reference to "musulmans" presents them not as the perpetrators of the violence, but rather as its victims.

The religion of Peace? I do not think it means what they think it means. Kinda like the concept of Journalism.


Mark Steyn in the Chicago Sun-Times weighs in today,

A few years back I was criticized for a throwaway observation to the effect that ''I find it easier to be optimistic about the futures of Iraq and Pakistan than, say, Holland or Denmark." But this is why. In defiance of traditional immigration patterns, these young men are less assimilated than their grandparents. French cynics like the prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, have spent the last two years scoffing at the Bush Doctrine: Why, everyone knows Islam and democracy are incompatible. If so, that's less a problem for Iraq or Afghanistan than for France and Belgium.

If Chirac isn't exactly Charles Martel, the rioters aren't doing a bad impression of the Muslim armies of 13 centuries ago: They're seizing their opportunities, testing their foe, probing his weak spots. If burning the 'burbs gets you more ''respect'' from Chirac, they'll burn 'em again, and again. In the current issue of City Journal, Theodore Dalrymple concludes a piece on British suicide bombers with this grim summation of the new Europe: ''The sweet dream of universal cultural compatibility has been replaced by the nightmare of permanent conflict.'' Which sounds an awful lot like a new Dark Ages.

An ancient radical enemy may again be charging the gates of Western Civilization, but it is the Left's sensibilities that have undermined the fortifications by surrendering discrimination to tolerance without judgment in the name of fairness. See Dr. Sanity's latest essay for clarification. If Steyn's is not a sobering recognition of consequence, then a half-century of inebriated stupidity will earn Man another thousand years of cold exhile in the misery of medieval chaos.

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olga said...

may be the French should review the policy prohibiting Foreign Legion from operating within the country...I believe these guys would have stopped the problem the night it started...
I want to gloat but unfortunately these events reflect on our future, too...