Thursday, February 23, 2006

A False Sense of Conscience

Major Mike

The medical community in California is incapable of providing one doctor, nurse. or other licensed professional to administer the death penalty to a convicted killer. Unbelievable.

“State officials on Tuesday postponed indefinitely the execution of a condemned killer, saying they would be unable to comply with a judge's order that a medical professional administer the lethal injection.”

This, from a state that whose courts have over-ruled a ban on partial birth abortions.
It is incomprehensible to me that medical personnel can support the idea of partial birth abortion…

“In the partial birth abortion (D&X) procedure, a physician delivers a baby to the point where only the head remains inside the womb but then punctures the back of the skull and removes the brain before completing delivery. Partial birth abortion (D&X) makes up only 1% of all abortions performed.” (my emphasis)

…yet they get squeamish when it comes to executing a man who plotted the killing of a 17 year-old girl …

“Morales was condemned in 1983 for killing 17-year-old Terri Winchell, who was attacked with a hammer, stabbed and left to die half-naked in a vineyard. Morales had plotted the killing with a gay cousin who was jealous of Winchell's relationship with another man.” (my emphasis).

Hippocratic hypocrisy.

I am not an anti-abortion nut, but I am opposed to it. And I am certainly sickened by the description of the sanitarily labeled “D&X” procedure, which is just a euphemism for birthing a baby then killing it. But I am even more appalled that those medical “professionals” can carry out this carnage day in and day out, then cannot bring it upon themselves to sedate, and humanely terminate, the life of a murderer.

Our babies deserve life. Our victims deserve justice. Our murderers deserve death. And the medical “profession” in California deserves our scorn. California should go back to the firing squad…there would be no shortage of “professionals,” guns, or bullets.


Anonymous said...

I am a nurse and would have a problem dispatching someone, however, I believe that it had to be an anaesthesiologist who did it according to the court order. I can see why they might be uncomfortable. We vow to save, not take lives. However, I have no problem with going back to the gas chamber since that did not require medical assistance. Or better yet, old sparky! I am not against the death penalty and I see through the attempt to stop the death penalty by forcing the medical profession to be the executioners.

olga said...

this girl was tortured and killed very brutally and they are concerned about HIS pain??
we should re-name the execution 'a society's right to privacy' and then CA medics will have no qualms...