Friday, February 10, 2006

Michelle's Been Googled...


Google... the world's most popular digital memory hole.

The popular network information filter straddles the rim of ethical propriety yet again. Not exactly comprehensive, not exactly reliable, and not exactly objective, yes that is Google News overtly slandering Michelle Malkin!

They censure. they filter, they slander... they report. You decide!

Can you type, Yahoo?


Oh, nevermind Yahoo! So what happens when the internet search engines become Orwelian monstrosities.


Major Mike comments,

This is, in combination with their China policies, particularly distrubing. Are they a service, an opinion influencing agent, or a governmental censoring agent (when convenient for business purposes and padding the bottom-line)? I think they would be at their best when attempting to provide a non-politicized service. When they act as a censoring agent, then begin to attempt to influence their PR by influencing search results, they become something a bit more sinister...even if they are just a bunch of young, rich, computer geeks. They should be watched and held accountable for their actions...they likely hold more influencing potential than Exxon-Mobil, and deserve far more scrutiny and derision than they are getting for this.

Good points. But, I will tell you something else that is mildly disturbing... as I put together the campaign links on the Blog sideboard for the upcoming 2006 elections, many of the Republican Congressional Campaign websites, although clearly referenced both in the URL and the site titles, do not come up in a search of either Yahoo nor Google. Perhaps, I am being too suspicious. But, knowing what we do about the two most popular digital memory holes, and seeing their ideological leanings expressed by the HITPIECE on Michelle Malkin, might we on the the Right be expected to have legitimate concerns about the internal structure of these 'information' resources.

Like cannibalism, once you taste the forbidden flesh, there is no restriction from further indulging. Yahoo and Google are engaged in memory holeing, filtering, and now thought policing. Why stop with it in China, when they can effect a desired outcome right here in America.

They are already cannibals, what's another bite... right?

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louielouie said...

i saw this yesterday at MM site.
glad to see i share mr. atos opinion on this matter.
some at CQ site seemed to be making the arguement(?) that google was going to peacefully change the chinese dragon.
but i wonder, is the aim of the socialist youth at google china. do they have change of another country in mind?
do away with national identities and in the end there will only be googles and yahoos.
which will you be?