Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Interior Design At The L.A.Times...


With reporters like this, who needs... furniture?

Hugh Hewitt skewers another Old Busted Media reporter on the barbs of their own incompetence.
Mr. Morain was game to come on the program, but is fundamentally uninterested in crucial aspects of the story, as well as ignorant of basic facts. Morain believed, for instance, that Reiner was secure in his office for two terms totalling eight years. In fact, Reiner is a hold-over appointee, subject to replacement by Arnold any day Arnold wants him gone (which should be yesterday given reiner's advocacy for Prop 82).

Morain also seemed clueless on basic accounting matters and on the interest level the public would have in the details. His tone will be difficult to capture in thetranscript to be posted at Radioblogger.com later, but the audio will be up as well.

What has happened to the passion and the curiosity? In the word's of L.A. Times Reporter, Dan Morain... "Well, ya know, I'm not sure."

Is it any wonder why the Times chose Dan to cover this potential criminal scandal involving Rob Reiner?

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