Monday, February 06, 2006

Shotgun on Cartoon Jihad

Major Mike

Random thoughts on the Crazy Cartooning of Mohammed (Praised be His Holy Excuseness for Wonton Violence)

Wretchard has provided the most food for thought.

“Yet the cartoon crisis has been cruelest to radical Islam because it has upset the timetable for the slow demographic conquest of Europe. It forced the crisis before the time was ripe to win an outright trial of strength. And it has deranged the carefully crafted plan to hold Europe politically neutral while the Islamists concentrated their force on their most dangerous enemy, the United States. Unless the Islamists can reverse or at least pause the process of confrontation it will find itself engaged on two fronts, against Europe and the United States simultaneously.”
Particularly insightful. The Islamosfascists have been accidentally and prematurely “outed” by those radical and pesky Danes. Our press has routinely blamed our culture and our policies as the cause of all previous attacks on western civilization. We have stolen their oil, invaded them a thousand years ago, we have not worn burkas out of respect for their culture…all heinous crimes by us against the ultra-sensitive cultural requirements of murderers. But now, via those clever Danes, we can clearly understand that their ultimate goal is to dominate western culture and values. They want their religion, beliefs, and culture, to have extraordinary status in the west as compared to those of us with other beliefs. Their threatening and violent response to a modest parody of their “benevolent prophet,” has revealed them (for the thousandth time) as the non-thinking time bombs of radical despots masquerading as Imams or leaders of state. The Danes have forced their desires for dominate cultural status into the open. It is important that we define this as the main issue (it IS), and stand our ground…further acquiescence to their demands is tantamount to paying ransom for a tenuous peace that will ultimately be broken by them at the time we would be in a position to lose this battle. They have been forced to fire outside of lethal range…we must recognize this, and react to protect our freedoms accordingly.

Michelle Malkin has excellent coverage.

I agree with her multiple re-printings of the cartoon. By re-printing the cartoons, she clearly presents the ridiculousness of the violence that has followed compared to the “insult”, and strikes a strong blow for freedom of the press. A blow not struck by our MSM. Our press has gone along with Muslim demands for extra-ordinary status by showing an undue level of “respect” for the murderers who hide behind Islam, and there-by abdicated their rights to thugs. Nice work…they do this while thousands of our troops are trying to defend those rights abroad. I am amazed at their gutless refusal to defend their (hard won, by military men) right to a free press. They are caving in to the armed threats of masked men hiding behind religion. Would they do the same for armed men in white masks and sheets? Not likely. They need to find the courage to stand up to forces that will deny them their right to publish freely…for if this goes on too long, that right will be lost.

I disagree with Hugh Hewitt.

Scan his archives for his “A Decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind.” (February 3, 2006) I agree with Hugh when he calls for all to respect the opinions of mankind, but I disagree with him when he tacitly urges that our press not re-publish the cartoons.

“But I think the third course between the cartoonist provocateurs and the radicals waving guns at the EU employees in Gaza is to denounce without ambiguity or excuse the latter but at the same time to delineate a very bright line between what the West stands for and the churlishness of the cartoonist provocateurs.”
Sorry, Hugh, we have shown them that brilliant delineation hundreds of times… liberating Kuwait, tsunami relief to hundreds of thousands of Muslims, unfettered religious freedom in our country…they don’t get it, because they don’t want to get it…see Wretchard above. They are violent, because they want to be violent. They see no good in the west or western culture, and they are intolerant of both. They have made it clear, time and again, that they prefer bullets to words, oppression to freedom, and death to change. A nice chat about western culture will do little to dissuade them.

An aside here…who would do that marking? A gay American? A fundamentalist Christian? A catholic? A Jew? All (and zillions of others) are very much a part of the west and its culture, but who has the right to draw “that” line? The beauty of free societies is that all have a say, but none have standing above the next. Clearly this concept is not understood by the Islamacists, as they seek a preeminent position, via press concessions, for their culture and their customs. Ridiculous. Living in the real world requires tolerance and compromise…two words I have yet to hear from the lips of noted Imams. I have seen a lot of guns though.

We are in a war for our culutre and our freedoms, and the failure to recognize this before some cataclysmic event will cement our doom. Accommodation and appeasement will not work with their culture. I am not advocationg a war on their culture, but I am advocating a vigorous defense of ours.

Some editorializing, cut from a string of emails flying amongst the Sandmen last week...from me...

"In all honesty…I have come to expect less and less from those (the press and hollywood elite) who take their freedoms for granted. I think that those like me who have served, take some pride in knowing that they are performing a task that few could do, and fewer would recognize the true value of their service…kind of like the pride you might take in mailing in an anonymous donation."

"It shocks me more that the spineless hypocrites in the press kowtow so easily to the rash elements in Islam, and supposedly do so “out of respect,” when the truth is, that they are too cowardly to either physically defend or exercise their freedoms when their rights are even modestly threatened. It seems they leave that up to better men. Their lack of courage in the face of those that would deny them their livelihood, defines them as the cowards that we all know that they are. Next to follow will be the self-righteous, falsely courageous, chest thumping once they perceive the physical threat subsides. Overall the US press’ refusal to push the envelope with the Islamofacists, proves they are in bed together. Do you suppose that in all fairness that they will, from here on out, not depict our acknowledged images of Jesus and God in unflattering ways? Not on your life. They have let bullies deprive them of their lunch money, and they don’t even have the courage to say “yo mama” as those that took aim at their livelihood were walking away."

Wake up...the Islamofascists were waging a covert war until the cultural grenade went off last week. The real sleeper cells were the millions of Muslims waiting for popultion shifts to become great enough to reach "tipping points" all across ther globe. Their violent reaction to what cannot be avoided in western societies...offending, or being offended by someone...smoked them out before that tipping point could be reached. Defend your freedoms...they have been paid for with the blood of men far better than I.

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dueler88 said...

Freedom of speech also means freedom to be offended once in awhile.

Any ideology that considers a verbal or pictorial offense to be punishable by death is clearly not compatible with Liberal Western systems of government.

If I say something offensive, I shouldn't be required by law to apologize for it. My 3 year-old gets it: "honey, when somebody says something you don't like, just ignore them." Why can't a 20 year-old get it?

That being said, I fear that open season on Mohommed will also mean open season on Faith in general. More respect for Faith and Belief in general are needed, in all societies. We all need the ability to determine the meaning of our own existence, as long as it is not to the detriment of another's existence or belief system.

Militant Islam's problem is not that it is a Religion, but that it is oppressive and intolerant. Our fight is not with a specific faith . . . for the time being: sadly the lowest common denominator often chooses the way that conflicts play out.