Friday, February 17, 2006

Shotgun Friday…Ooops, Sorry Mr. Whittington

Major Mike


Stunningly over blown effort by the media on the Dick Cheney Elmer Fuddesque hunting trip in Texas. While the press was chasing silly Wabbits, they completely missed Google, Yahoo, and Cisco testimony in front of congress. Google “Google Testimony” and none of the top ten results is from an MSM source. I guess intramural hunting accidents should garner more attention than multi-national companies that are kowtowing to communist governments and helping oppressive regimes spy on their citizens…AND, of course, it would be way too much to ask those same companies to support very specific efforts in trying to catch terrorists operating within our own country.

I guess hunting Wabbits is more fun, and better for your career, than sniffing out hypocrisies in corporate policies. And bashing aged corporations such as Exxon-Mobil is much more acceptable in the leftie milieu than actually taking hip, up-and-coming companies to task.

Out Fox'd…and Bitter

Good thing that that all of the other networks took the Brit Hume interview with Dick Cheney in stride. Michelle Malkin provides (Fox Derangement Syndrome, Feb 16th) a comprehensive list of the MSM cannibals attempting to feed on Brit Hume and the Fox network.

Geez, why would Orion choose Brit and Fox for this interview? Is it because…the rest of the vultures are feeding on this like Brazilian piranhas, while these are the very same “journalists” that let the Vince Foster episode pass with but an obituary? My message is for the Boards of Directors for those media outlets, less the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, get the clue…you will not get these interviews, and your business will suffer for it, unless and until, you bring balance back to your press rooms.

Your partisan and carnivorous coverage of all things conservative WILL be your undoing…not that I’ll mind, but if you do go under, it will really cut down on my need to blog…so keep up the mediocre work.

Lawrence O’Donnell Loses His Mind while Freebasing Cocaine

Sorry, I don’t really have proof of this, but I just thought I’d throw that out there…hoping that other bloggers would look into it. After his complete meltdown on the Hugh Hewitt show, I talked to several lawyers, and they suggested that the most likely cause of this was freebasing cocaine.

The most striking quote is …(from RadioBlogger)

LO: All right. Good. Listen, there's a different standard for posting. This is a posting on the Huffington Post, okay? I had no substantive facts on the matter of the Vice President's sobriety. I would not have written what I wrote in the L.A. Times or the New York Times. I wouldn't do that. But in a post on a website that is a blog, this is exactly the kind of question you're supposed to ask, and you ask those questions so that the media will read that, it'll provoke them to ask the questions, which is exactly what has happened. And yes, for Howie Kurtz, yes, I think assumptions are exactly the standard for website blogs, yes.”
(my emphasis)

I guess what he doesn’t get, is that his unsupported allegations diminish his credibility going forward. Not only in his online pieces, but in his published pieces as well. Sorry LO…you don’t cut it as a journalist. Supposition does not substitute for fact. The TRUTH still matters. And lightweight intellectuals like you are being exposed everyday via the likes of HH and the blogosphere…adios idioclone, you have just written your way to oblivion.

Cartoon Jihadists Kidnap the Entire US MSM

I am not one to go out of my way to insult anyone’s religion, so I wouldn’t have held a cartoon contest that I would’ve known to be offensive to anyone, particularly hyper-sensitive Muslims. BUT, once the Danish press exercised their rights and printed the cartoons, then it became less about insulting press behavior…which is almost constantly in motion in this country, and more about freedom of the press, and how much say would Muslims have in what is printed in the media all across the world. The Muslims want to dictate to the US press what to print and the press rolled over for them.

I disagree with HH on this one…once the Muslims threatened violence in an attempt to control our press, the issue became a free speech issue, and not an insult issue. It is up to us to protect our rights and support those who would exercise the rights that have been paid for several times over with the blood of our citizens. The MSM has shown themselves to possess the spines of earthworms, as they completely caved into the threats of the Cartoon Jihadists. They are just as much a prisoner to Islamic Fundamentalism and terror, as Jill Carroll.

I doubt very much that they would respond to my civilly delivered complaints about my being insulted by the most recent publishing of Abu Ghraib photos, and they would certainly have me arrested as a right-wing nut case, should I show up with a gun threatening their very existence…yet they seem happy to relinquish their rights to threatening Islamofascists that have shown the entire world that they are terrorists and murderers. Nice partnership.

Those that don’t defend their rights, must be prepared to soon live without them. Sissified hypocrites.

I guess that is enough for now.

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Anonymous said...

Major Mike,

This link,, puts a different perspective on the so called cartoon wars.

For all who wondered at the possibility for there to have been more to it, this article by Mindy Belz in World, 2/18/06 will illuminate the issue.