Friday, June 02, 2006

Baby On Board, Testing In Progress...

General Message From My Sandmen...

Readers, please pardon our sudden and seeming retreat. Two of the three of us have been pulled out of commision for a short time, leaving Major Mike to fill in as lone blogger. and although he has been doing a fine job, we thought it about time to lend some explanation for our absense. You see, Dueler and his lovely bride have gone and had themselves another baby. Naturally, this has taken him out of commision for a time.

My excuse is less natural, but just as effective. After nearly five years of testing, I am preparing for my 9th and final (well, nearly final) Professional Exam. With work and family duties as they are, my life leaves little time for studying. So, what little time I have has been completely devoted to the task of completing my obligations for professional licensing. I will be a 'real' Architect.

We apologize for the absense, but assure you that we will be back blogging as strong as ever by mid-summer... just in time for the campaign season. and God knows we need sanity invested there. Granted Congressional Republicans have displayed more ass than brains as late, do keep in mind that Congressional Democrats consist of all ass and no brains. They will manage Congress accordingly if allowed to do so. If you have been tempted, in frustration, to vote third party, or sit out of this upcoming election cycle completely, know that no matter how spineless and incoherent you think some Republicans can be, the alternative is infinitely worse. The Democrat party has run its course. It stands for nothing, and represents many of the worst aspects of American society... with some of the most, vile and reprehensible people Washington DC has ever seen.

If you want a real alternative, reject the Democrats in overwhelming fashion. Send a message of complete rejection for what they represent. I assure you that Rino Republicans will get that message loud and clear. And if they still do not, then we can split the Republican Party, as has happened before, into the two parties this nation deserves... both loyal and sane, even in opposition.

Something the Democrats will never, ever, be again.


Boghie said...

Mr. Atos,

Did you ever take the Myers-Briggs personality test? My wife taught a class that used that tool for assessing future career paths.

I landed in the (I/E)NTP (dead equal on Introvert/Extravert).

To make a boring story as short as one of Major Mikes post titles the personality test landed me on a career path for:

Computer Programmer

I wanted to be an architect – but that seven year thang you just went through dissuaded me. Maybe a second career; after running a Marine Corp data center – which is very fun as well.

Have a blast.

Mr.Atos said...

I don't recall if I ever took that exam. I just remember wanting to be an architect since I was very young. My father was a carpenter and built houses when I was a boy. My brother and I worked with him in the summers. By the time it came to college, I had been gunning for Annapolis and a post Navy career in Aeronautical Engineering. I went with Architectural Engineering instead and a civilian education at UT. I hated engineering. I came out with a degree in Anthropology and was an Archaeologist for a few years. I finally went back and got my M.Arch in the Masters Program. That only took 3 years. I made it 4 with an Professional internship. So its not quite as bad as seven years... at least until the NCARB exams come around.

As a sage advisor once told me, follow your passion.