Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wishing For The Worst...


This morning, Al-Reuters seems to be joing Congressional Democrats and fellow Leftists wishing for the worst, U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,500

Only one problem,... Pentagon Reports only 2,499 this morning (PDF). Perhaps Nancy Pelosi will put an actual monetary bounty on number 2,500 so she can have her publicity event. Or she could just keep her fingers crossed and hoping for another American Soldier to be killed.

UPDATE: 06.15.06

DOD has updated its casualty report. Yesterday, the report listed 2497 KIA. This morning, it has hit 2500. The Iraq Insurgency has fullfilled the Democrat's quota for them once again. Perhaps, John Kerry should write them a bonus check for their efforts. Achievement takes many forms. Some of them just happen to be reprehensible. Congratulations Mrs. Pelosi, nevertheless. You may celebrate as planned.

Do forgive us if we abstain from participating in your glee.

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Major Mike said...

I call planning on the deaths of our troops, and counting them down with all of the coldness that a sitemeter racks up hits, must definetly be "supporting our troops." Don't be fooled, these Ideo-idioclones would sell their grandmothers to make a point on air, or in front of the Windfarm MSM. Disgusting. MM