Friday, June 23, 2006

Rule .303...


Rule 1 of mortal combat. Kill your enemy!

There is no rationalizing the situation. Common civility has collapsed for one reason or another; for right or wrong. Those conditions have become irrelevent in the face of the immediate threat. One engaged in such an unfortunate situation, has but two options: to kill or die. There is no other choice... homicide or suicide. To argue the issue is suicide. To ignore the issue is suicide. To withdraw from the requisite is suicide. Suicide, in fact is any action not taken in obeyance of Rule 1. And any one preventing in any way the execution of Rule 1, can be considered the enemy.

From the 1980 motion picture,
"Breaker Morant," below is an excerpt of the testimony of Lt. Morant during the British military court martial of he and his men for murder of enemy combattants. See if you find it as relevant to the present as I do.

PROSECUTOR: Lt. Morant? Captain Hunt was a particular friend of yours?

MORANT: Yes- I mean, I was engaged to his sister in England.

PROSECUTOR: So his death was very disturbing to you?

MORANT: Well, it was more the way he died. He was mutilated.

PROSECUTOR: You were present at the actual incident where Hunt was killed?


PROSECUTOR: Well then, how do you know he wasn't killed in a fair fight?

MORANT: Because I saw the body.

PROSECUTOR: Sometime Later! You can't possibly know how Captain Hunt met hisdeath. So you cannot produce any evidence to connect Wisser with it. So then, why did you order him to be shot?

MORANT: It is customary during a war to kill as many of the enemy as possible.

JUDGE: And was your court at the trial of Wisser constituted in any way like this? What rule did you shoot him under?

MORANT: Like this? Oh no, Sir, No! It wasn't quite like this. No, No, Sir! It wasn't quite so handsome. And as for rules, we didn't carry military manuals around with us. We were out on the velt fighting the Boer the way he fought us. I'll tell you what rule we applied, Sir. We applied rule 303. We caught them... and we shot them under rule 3-0-3!

For the last several years, thanks to Left, The Democrats, and their allies in the Press, we have been treated to the ongoing spectacle of our own court martial. America ( and its elected President) has been charged with every manner of criminal atrocity one can imagine - tyrannical aggression, kidnapping, death camps, torture, even mass murder. We have been lying to the world it is said, we wage wars merely for oil it is said. Saddam was no threat, had no WMD, and no affiliations with terrorists are all claims chanted like mantras. And all of this testimony in condemnation is provided even as more terror plots are unvieled, WMD are found in Iraq, Saddam's ties with Al Quaeda revealed, the scandal of the UN Oil for Food program uncovered, Manhattan, Madrid, and London tend their brutal scars, and mothers in Beslan recall the scent of their slain children and mourn the sound of their silence.

In the face of an emminent mortal threat, we are being condemned for exercising rule 1 (aka. rule 303)... for not submitting to suicide. And for that, we are likewise to be executed; figuratively speaking, of course. More planes ramming into our building, bombs in busses and trains, daycares and elementary schools rendered cemeteries, that's to be the reward of our surrender. For the Left, these attacks are the price rightfully paid by America for its very existence. And make no mistake that is the essence of their position. Its about time the polite discourse ends regarding that fact. The reality is that America is on trial by the Left for its virtue, for choosing to survive and doing what is neccessary to make it so. In that regard, what is the difference between the goals of the Left and the butchers of Islam when the threat is acute and determined.

Not only is the President being charged with war crimes, the very troops themselves are being
placed in shackles for doing their jobs in accordance with rule 1 (or .303). Afterall, "It is customary during a war to kill as many of the enemy as possible. " Yet, after years of being on trial for acting in our best interest, restraint has yielded paralysis, and America finds itself frozen before an escalating threat.... shackled before its enemies. Iran, North Korea, and China stand emboldened by the spectacle of Western division and suicidal self-loathing. And the butchers of the religion of peace seek to satisfy more brutal cravings for ritualistic human sacrifice before the obsessive lenses of a masochistic Western Media.

The Left condemns Gitmo. They embellished the tale Abu Ghraib. They convict our soldiers of atrocity in Haditha, with extremely suspect information. Their criticism of the United States is endless, while their condemnation for the real Butchers is qualified or non-existent.

Throughout this past weekend, the MSM had a veritable orgy reporting the ambush and 'kidnapping' of two U. S. Soldiers. When Al Quaeda took responsibility and claimed to be holding them hostage, the MSM further obliged and harped on that disinformation as fact for a bit and propagated it for the enemy accordingly for the sake of their quest to foment terror.

Tuesday, when the mangled and mutilated bodies of these fine Men were found - PFC's Thomas Lowell Tucker and Kristian Menchaca - the MSM reporters rushed to one's hometown of Houston where their first instinct was to contact the one odd relative of Menchaca who blamed the United States (Bushitler no doubt) for his kin's murder. The family had to emerge from private mourning to denounced his statements. Another orgy had begun.

Here in Oregon, the press flocked to Madras and found the one or two Democrat moonbat jackasses in that small community who noted Tucker's fate was another cause 'to cut and run' from the struggle against fanantic butchers. They parked their news vans across the street from the Tucker's home and swarmed through their town... even as the family remained sequestered in mourning.

By the way, did you know July 26 has been declared Torture Awareness Day by the UN? The
TASSC has henceforth declared June as 'Torture Awareness Month'. Yet amid near blanket condemnation of America for engaging in various forms of 'torture,' as of this posting their was no condemnation on their website nor even a mention of Al Quaeda's latest obscenity. Nevertheless, given the events of this week, do you feel aware? The Butchers of Islam celebrated the event accordingly. Behold what they do to armed soldiers. Recall what they did to children in Beslan and what they do frequently to children in Baghdad. Then be aware of what the Butchers of the Religion of Peace would do to your children if given the chance. And be ever aware of what the Left and their Democrat surrogates would let the butchers do.

Rule 1 of mortal combat. Kill your enemy! There is no rationalizing the situation. Any one preventing in any way the execution of Rule 1, can be considered the enemy.

On the Morning of February 27, 1902, Lt. Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant along with Lt. Handcock were shot as scapegoats for a dying empire ; confused with its own identity, corrupted with conceit, and paralyzed by chronic guilt.

Democrats in Congress this week continued the prosecution of America with endless testimony to the guilt of a new empire. Given the opportunity, they would no doubt place The President and his Vice President in the same bloody chairs. The Democrats concept of Rule .303 is no different than ours. Its their notion of 'enemy' that is tragically flawed.


dueler88 said...

Imagine a Vietnam combat veteran, living quietly with his family. Even decades after his horrible experiences, the faces of those he killed in battle, both civilian and combatant, haunt and guilt him nightly as he drifts into the solitude of darkness and silence. "Never again," he says to himself. "Never again will I hurt or kill another person." His duty-issued .45 pistol, now more souvenier than weapon, sits on the top shelf of his closet, locked securely in a steel box.

One night, he hears a window break, followed by several hushed voices and frantic, purposeful footsteps around the house. The unmistakable sound of slides racking on semi-automatic pistols punctuates the foodsteps. Suddenly, his 14-year-old daughter, sleeping in her room downstairs, cries out and is quickly silenced. Sounds of struggle and muffled cries of pain echo through the darkened house.

Now fully awake, the man knows that in order to stop the attack on his daughter he must use lethal force. Then he remembers his daily promise to himself - "never again."

Yet, if he fails to act, his daughter will be raped or killed, or both. He finally remembers his pistol, but can't remember where he put the key to that metal box - the pistol had become a hated object, best left behind in memory, many years ago.

Will his memory allow him to act quickly enough to save his daughter?

Will he do his best to protect his daughter, unarmed, against an armed assailant?

Will he call 911 and hope the police arrive quickly?

Will he simply let the intruders take what they want and leave?

The last question represents today's Democratic Party, so thoroughly guilted by Vietnam that acting to protect themselves and those around them against a mortal threat is impossible.

And here's the very last question: What if the intruders want to leave no witnesses?

Major Mike said...

Rehabilitation of the ideologically insane is rendered impossible by the blind hatred that these Islamoanarchists possess. It cannot be neutered by incarceration or restraint. As with most child molesters it can only be snuffed out by the application of rule 303...they indeed, must die to put and end to their demonic behavior. Prove me wrong.

How many relaesed "innocent" Islamofascists have already been re-captured or killed on the battlefield? Why grant them the courtesy of another round of butchery? What the left in this country doesn't get...people cannot be appeased out of their vitriolic ideologies...they must indeed be stopped. And in the plain language of those who don't get invited onto the Sundy MSM windfarms...that means killed. Rule 303.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gentlemen and women, BUT,

The ancient Chinese warrior Sun Tzu taught his men to "know your enemy" before going into battle. For if "you know your enemy and know yourself," he wrote, "you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." But, Sun Tzu warned, "If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat."

"If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat."