Saturday, June 17, 2006

Visions of Die Sturm - A Kos For Alarm...


Die Sturm operates on many levels as we have seen before,

A favored method of thugs, is to dehumanize their victims. (HT. Hugh Hewitt) The more they can detach those they despise from common identity, the easier it becomes to dispatch them... from consideration and with expedient demise. Insulting caricaturization is but one form of public dehumanization. Sadly what we see congealing at the core of What Is Being Left, is the concentration of their passion, frustration, confusion, and stupidity into a strain of primordial hatred that does indeed isolate men from their humanity. The trap is that it is the thug that becomes sub-human.

The Kos has become a sewer of the congealed.

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