Monday, June 26, 2006

NY Times Treason… A Collision Of Idiocies

Major Mike

As I considered my take on the NYT leaking details of a secret money tracking program…a program twofold in its objectives…finding terrorists (murderers of innocents, for the journalistically feeble), and denying them the use of their bloody financial resources.

In the best hope of “connecting the dots” before the “next 9/11” it would seem that these kinds of “secret” programs, categorically not involving the individual rights of Americans, would be appreciated by the same crowd that called for GWB’s head shortly after 9/11.

These programs represent the imagination of a free government, that respects the rights of its citizens, and that is trying to protect those citizens against barbarians. It is obvious that the architects of this particular program have gone after a vital foundation of the terrorist operations...the financing, without infringing on the indivdual rights of Americans. And when a key tool is removed from the toolbox of those sworn to protect us, reprehensible becomes too weak of a word.

In one word it is…regardless of the feeble attempts to defend the outing of this program…indefensible. I refer you back to an April posting… "Arguing the Unarguable, and Getting Away With It." Pertinent extract…

There was a time when right was right, and wrong was wrong. The “wrong” was unarguable. Lying is wrong. Stealing is wrong.
Stealing classified documents is wrong. Having sex with an intern in your office is wrong. Releasing classified documents to the press, breaking your oath of office, for partisan and individual political gain is wrong.But, I guess that was before the Les Mis age, before the age of moral relativism, before the politically induced class war we now have here in America. And, well before we had to actually argue about the meaning of the word “is.”

Taking ones’ property without permission used to be called stealing, and it used to be wrong. But in today’s age of moral relativism, we now find ourselves defending this black/white view, against the Les Mis crowd, who would argue that it is perfectly okay to steal if you are hungry, and trying to feed your family. There may be myriad of other good reasons to steal private property…to overcome poverty, to balance the inequities in our capital based economic system, and for simple personal gain that may help you skip several rungs of the ladder…on your way to the top. All enticing…all…wrong.

So what prompted this short dissertation? Not simply that Mary McCarthy, a partisan political player and former CIA employee, intentionally leaked potentially damaging classified documents to the press, but it was Juan Williams’ impassioned defense of her actions on Fox News Sunday that made me apoplectic.”

Substitute NYT for “Mary McCarthy” and Bill Keller for “Juan Williams” in the paragraph above, and I have the same visceral reaction. The reason the reaction is so strong, and so visceral, is that it is so hypocritical compared to the Times’ previous scoldings of the execution of the GWOT, and its coverage of the Valarie Plame case, and that this bi-polar schism is generated solely for the purpose of selling papers.

It is simply wrong. It is simply indefensible. And it is simply treason. And it simply needs to be prosecuted.

It also highlights another previously highlighted weakness of the MSM when it comes to the GWOT…they simply don’t understand it. They cannot grasp the complexity of the fight, and are left clinging to their archaic visions of WWII, Vietnam, and the Cold War.

The weapons and objectives in this war are technological superiority, denial of financing, operational disruption, global mobility, exploitation of their strained command and control systems, population morale and support; not simply the M-16, air delivered munitions, artillery, and geographical control and security.

The MSM highlights their illiteracy in such matters every time they: release classified information; continue to do body count reporting; over-report American "atrocities" (flushing Korans comes to mind); and attempt to minimize the importance of an event like the Al Zarawa death because it may play favorably for GWB, as previously complained about below…

What these journalDems are also missing is that the measurables in this conflict are not geographical, territorial, nor numerical. They are more intangible by journalistic standards. But students of battle easily understand them. Waterloo, Bull Run, the Ardennes, Berlin, Guadalcanal, Hue, Kuwait City; have been replaced by “degradation of command and control,” air supremacy, C4I domination, etc., and et. al., and the unstudied journalDems cannot grasp this.

The paradigm of this war is completely different than the ancient thinking of our combat illiterate press corps. They don’t get it. And they don’t want to get it…but today, was a milestone in the very real, GWOT. One butcher dead.”

Lastly, in a comparison that even the NYT may get. Covert operator…covert operation. Hmmm…only a two letter difference, but the response of the Times in the “Plame outing,” compared to their complicit activity in the outing of a covert operation, is hypocritical in the extreme. There is no justifying it, and such is the reason Keller is hiding under a rock…it is, as plainly put as possible, indefensible.

I suggest the NYT lawyers would find that they would have their hands full trying to argue a First Amendment case with the NYT editorial team all over the map with its “reasoning.” I suggest we find out by charging them with treason.

It is obvious that the NYT is working publicly against the GWOT, and the Aministration. It is also obvious that they do not comprehend the new type of war we find ourselves in, and that because of their many hypocritcal positions, they can only be called whores for the dollar...a collision of idiocies when lives are on the line. A collision that has put them on treasonous ground.


Mr.Atos said...

That's a bumper sticker,

"Covert Operator…Covert Operation."

I would only disagree on one account. Actions have many forms of motivation and reward. The dollar being but one. Greed is a lust for reward, be it dollars, favors, or power. For the Left, money may be the vehicle to their ultimate desire, but make no mistake, that the the reward they seek is power and the favor it bestows. And they will get it by any means necessary, even if they must destroy the financial liability and the legacy of institutions far greater than themselves. Traitors they may well be, but insects they are more like... symbiotic to one another yet parasitic to their own environment.

Major Mike said...

Mr. A...Ahhh power for what purpose? It is the Chicken-Egg the money the ticket to power, or is power the ticket to the money? I suggest, based on teh behavior of the last Democrat Administration...the power is the ticket to the I have said once before...they are in the business (bold, underlined, italics) of politics, they are not in the business of serving the country or their constituents. MM