Monday, June 26, 2006

Sedition Of The Times...


Let it be known, we take no pleasure here in criticizing the irresponsibility of the Left and their faithful surrogates in the Democratic party and the Press. It is afterall, impossible for any serious person to enjoy destructive malignancy especially when it is devouring one's own body. Nevertheless, it is necessary to wield a hammer of condemnation at times - and with increasing frequency it seems - upon those iindividuals and institutions that exhibit, shall we say poor judgement?!... especially in times of danger. Patrition liberals like New York Times' editor Bill Keller fancies directing complaints of persecution at "Conservatives," yet National security knows no party affiliations. If unilateral condemnation is conditionally unqualified, then the entirety of the Left might well sit down and shut up about the Administration now and forever; though we know Keller and his kind would never tolerate that suggestion. The fact is, that the truth is immune to fabrication, even as perception is mercilessly vulnerable. And while the latter can bemanipulated, the former stands an eternity in check. So while the unconcionable sedition of the Times may be debated, time itself will wield the appropriate condemnation accordingly. In the name of my children, I'll wield it now.

I'm a citizen of the United States, a husband, and a father and my concern extends to my family first. On 9/11 some 3000 people of all persuasions were massacred by an insurgent enemy infiltrating our ranks and institutions and metastacizing within. It was not the first act of mass murder perpetrated by the butchers of Islam, nor was it the last. This war we know, did not begin on September 11th. Nor are we advised, will it end in the next decade. Yet, how we approach it here and now, may well establish the upper hand in the struggle. And currently our one hand is being stabbed repeatedly by the other, preventing us from gaining the earned advantage. The cancer of insanity spreads. Even as we confront one enemy of butchers without,
another enemy of wages war from within, Hugh Hewitt submits for consideration regrding the New York Times ...
The paper has been waging a war on the war and on the Adminsitration for years, so it has no credibility when it comes to arguing its good intentions. What matters though is the statement that "other conscientious people" could have reached a different decision.

In fact, they did. The Congresses and the presidents of the past have passsed laws about what is classified and who can release it. They didn't include the editor of the New York Times in the group that can make national security decisions. Mr. Keller decided he would risk the national security of the United States and the lives of its citizens. He has done so before and will no doubt do so again.

Michelle Malkin has the latest links and analyses of the Times' sedition.

Mr. Keller and his New York Times have most certainly put our lives at greater risk today. Unelected and unnaccoutable, he has repeatedly assumed the authority to make critical decisions regardling National security over and above expert recommendations and Executive requests, subsequently peddling out that presumed prerogative to the insects of his newsroom to do damage at whim. And he is not the only one. This cancer spreads within, and as it does it devours the safety and security of America and Americans. Keep it in mind as we enter the Summer vacation season. I know I will.

You see, I once enjoyed travelling by air and rail, yet since September 2001, the effort necessitates nothing less than anxiety. Now that I have a family, it is shrouded in something more like fear. Different, perhaps than the fear experienced in battle, this intense apprehension is not personal, but arises rather out of concern for the safety of my family. The butchers of Islam do not differentiate civilian from soldier, men from women, or child from adult. In fact, terror being their moniker, an airliner or elementary school is a far more prized trophy than a gunship or barracks. This is the state of modern warfare. And as we travel with our kids in the coming months to see a family they have yet to meet, my fear is escalated by the knowledge that they are in far greater danger now, thanks to Mr. Keller, his New York Times, the Left, and their Democrat surrogates, who don't seem to give a damn about the dangers we face among a world gone seemingly mad...

... a condition that appears to have infected rather than affecting them.

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Major Mike said...

I guess having a journalism degree makes you an expert in a lot of things...I guess I never thought National Security was one of them Nice post. MM