Wednesday, August 23, 2006

10 For 10...


10 for 10, then tell 10...

...then work as hard as you can for the next 10 weeks for the candidates, and for the issues that matter to you, your family, and your nation. It wont take much for sanity to prevail this election cycle. But, it will take a complete effort on the part of all Republicans any rational Democrats who refuse to trust what is being Left with their families' safety and the National security.

As with a tsunami, the swell starts small. But, the ultimate impact can be enormous. It requires little effort from each of us. Yet, it does require that effort extended, combined and coordinated from everyone from now until November. The impact will be enormous indeed.

This blog started as a small effort to counteract the misinformation of the Kerry Campaign and the Democrat media machine. Little has changed since September 2004. If anything the political atmosphere has gotten worse as the Mainstream Media has forfeited all semblence of objectivity and credibility, and as the Democrat Party has surrendered its veritable sanity to Anti-Bush, Anti-War, Anti-America mentality of what is being Left.

With 10 weeks remaining to this year's critical mid-term Congressional and Gubernatorial elections, get a personal effort started with 10 small steps toward victory:

1... Choose ten candidates locally and from across the country. We have provided a list with links on the sidebar, but there are others still.

2... Write ten checks for $10 each. That's only $100.

3... Make the checks payable to each of the ten chosen candidates' election efforts.

4... Put the checks in their respective stamped envelops, adressed accordingly.

5... Mail the 10 campaign contributions immediately.

6... Choose 10 like-minded friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers.

Tell them of this idea. Give them a link to this post if you must. Now its potentially $1000, cascading to $10,000, $100,000...

8... Post to your blog in support of your ten candidates.

9... If possible, find out what you can do to help those campaigns.

10... The most important step... Vote! Absentee, by mail, or in person. Just be sure to vote. And take 10 friends with you.

Its only $100 dollars, 10 stamps, and ten minutes of your time. And that's a small price to pay in honor of the men and women standing to your defence out on the frontiers of chaos. Their courage, and committment is worth far more to us than that, is it not?! The best thing we can all do for them now is extend our perseverence against the chaos threatening to spread here at home in the form of a fringe-directed Democrat party that has lost its way...

... and its mind.

Think of it as your "Yopp!"


Welcome, Hewitt fans and fellow Yoppers. While you're here, do have a look around. Mike just recently posted an excellent commentary on the state of the American will, Prisoners of Our Own Liberalism. I have posted a 4-part essay on the dangers of the Conservation Economic movement. And Dueler recently posted a great 4-part essay on the decline of Empire. Enjoy!

By all means access the 10 for 10 links to the left and get started immediately. As Ron Saxton noted while speaking with us yesterday, the campaigns began this week. the commercias began running last night. And voters will be getting their mail-in ballots in less than 60 days. This is the moment we have been waiting for. The charge has begun. The pickets are stationed. Now load the chambers. Then we watch for the whites of their beadie little eyes.

As for Ron Saxton... He is the Republican Candidate for Governor in Oregon. We heard him speak locally yesterday. The crowd of professionals was not typically the friendliest for Republicans, especially in Portland. Nevertheless, it was a packed venue. He is a strong speaker with a passionate adherence to some very important State issues. Even presented with the B-word, he did not flinch and expressed solidarity with Bush on the issue of Forest management. He is a strong candidate. And given the close nature of past gubernatorial races in Oregon, he has a solid chance of taking the seat away from Kulongowski and anchoring the State to its Red County majority. But, as you know, it must not be too close, or the election here will be ‘gregoired.’ Oregonians by law, can contribute up to $100 to local campaigns and receive a full 100% deduction of that money on your State taxes. In other words, the 100 comes right back to you. So, direct it where it counts and give it now. Be sure to record it and claim it on your State forms.

I was wondering, Dean B., when someone was going to mistake me for that goon, Atrios. Sadly the monikers are similar, and while I dont know if his is real, my alias has been in use by me since the beginning of the World Wide Web. It has particular significance based on what I was doing then, but I wont go into all that. Suffice it to say, originally it should have read Mr. Atoz. Unfortunatley my typing wasn't so good then either. Perhaps one day, Mr.Atos and his Sandmen will be better known than the purveyor of bile.

Thank you, All!


Middle of Nowhere, Nevada said...

Don't bother with sending $10 to John Ensign in Nevada...he doesn't need it. He will swat that carpetbagging goober back to Plains, Georgia. It isn't even a contest, here in the Sea of Sage...Send the $10 to someone in a tight race.

salberta said...

Sending my money not. The case for helping has never been more urgent.

Thanks for the awesome Blog

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Mr. DeVos (MI Gov race) should be on your list? Sorry if it is there and I missed it.

Mr.Atos said...

Suggestions are welcome. The list is still under construction. Thank you!