Sunday, August 13, 2006

Iranian President Joins The Leftwing Blogosphere...


On the very day, when Mike 'Duranty' Wallace is to grace the insect's existence with a 60 Minutes interview, the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, launches a new blog, according to Reuters* news service. Meme? Hate Bush, hate America, hate Jews...

Sounds Familiar. He's certain to be a popular addition to most Leftwing blogrolls.

Coincidence? I hardly think so. The Left seems determined to legitimize this potentially monstrous, deranged tyrant, even as they toil to destroy the character of President Bush and his adminstration. Mike Wallace is either a marginally-demented septuagenarian sap, or he is a reprehensibly slimey agit-propagandist. Regardless, Mahmoud Ahma-lunatic will surely be vomiting the fringe Left's talking points word for miserable word, both on the interview, and in his blog. I may provide a link when I find one. Or you can just go here, and read the same things.

This is precisely what is being Left and it has become the soul of the Democrat Party and its mouth-piece media wing. How can America ever trust them, or allow them anywhere near power again?

Did I call it or what?! (HT: Dean B. )

No link, to Ahmahoodiehoo, I'm afraid. We don't entertain crazy here.

And is it just me, or is there a direct Hollywood connection?

Mahmoud Ahmadinijad?

Jack Jeebs!

Personally, I like him better with his head blown off. If I recall, like any true other-worldly creature, it just grows back anyway.

* Reuters reporting, in this bloggers opinion, should always be approached with a degree of suspicion given an extended record of fabricating news accounts. Don't trust... verify!


dueler88 said...

Let it never be said that Mr. Ahmacrazyguy is not intelligent. He played Wallace like a fiddle. And given that Wallace is starting to lose his mind, it's understandable. It's as if Mr. Ahmacrazyguy is a Sith Lord using mind-control on the frail-minded Mr. Wallace.

The mistake we make is in taking Mike Wallace seriously in this situation. In this respect, I'll not take him seriously, give him the benefit of the doubt, and NOT believe that he now believes the Holocaust to be a fabrication.

Whatever happened to the journalist that lets the interviewee tell his/her own story and let the viewer/reader decide for themselves the validity of what was said?

El Jefe Maximo said...

Am I the only one that thinks the Iranians are increasing the intensity of their efforts to propagandize among lefties in Europe and America ? Interviews, websites, letters to Presidents, much, much more public activity directed at the west than was once the case. Alternatively what passes for concilatory with them, mixed with blood-curdling threats.

Yes, there is the obvious issue of the nukes -- trying in advance to tie us down by using our own defeatist/seditious elements against us...but more than that I think. What are they getting ready to spring ?

Mr.Atos said...

El Jefe Maximo,

You mean like a rapist manipulating his victim? Why yes, I do see that. Radical Islam has zeroed in on the whimperings of the crazy Left like a predator stalking prey. It tells them exactly what they want to hear, in intensifying seductive intonations... like flattery whispered in the ear at a filthy back bar table. The Left gets drunk with it and finally spreads itself inebriated and prostrate in a dark alley before the organ of its lustful satisfaction... and the knife of the Ripper.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Mad Jad looks like the attendant at my local convenience store...and that's probably an unintended insult to hardworking convenience store employees everywhere.