Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Organic Terrorist...


The AP reports, 3 more plead guilty in Oregon to ecoterrorism:

Trio were part of group that planted bombs around western U.S.

EUGENE, Ore. - Three more people pleaded guilty Friday to being part of an ecoterrorist cell that planted fire bombs around the West.

The trio are accused of trying to stop logging, wild horse roundups, genetic engineering of plants, sport utility vehicles sales and expansionof a ski resort into endangered lynx habitat.

In pleading guilty, the three admitted they were part of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, loose-knit groups of environmental activists that claimed credit for arsons in recent years throughout the West.

These fanatics have likewise toppled electrical and communication transmission towers. And frequently set fire to homes along the West coast and across the U.S.

In past communiques, the group has taken responsibility for their actions as “retribution for all the wild forests and animals lost to feed the wallets of [the] greedy.” They have stated in no uncertain terms, “we hope to see an escalation in tactics against capitalism and industry... ” and, “wild fires of outrage will continue to blaze.” One wonders, as residents of Sisters, Oregon return home and survey the damage from the ongoing Black Crater wildfire, if this was yet another of ELF's 'fires of outrage' aimed at neighborhoods encroaching along wilderness' remaining frontier.

So, even as the world bears witness to the destructive escalation of violent fanaticism across the globe, here at home there is a festering and similarly dangerous movement of quasi-religious zealots who believe their brand of hatred and violence is likewise conditionally justified as a legitimate means to their necessary ends. Replace 'Jew' with 'The Rich' and 'Palestinian' with 'Spotted Owl', and the movements become quite similar, do they not? No matter if the damage is wrought with rockets, bullets, and suicide bombs, or matches, wrenches, and knives, the nature of the actors and the actions is still the same. They are terrorists committing acts of terrorism. The rule of law and common manners of human civility are wholy abandoned as a means to resolve disagreement, and replaced with violence, threat, and coersion.

To homegrown zealots like, Chelsea Gerlach, Stanislaus Meyerhoff, Susanne Savoie, and their fellow vandals, 'Organic' terrorism may seem more wholesome and palpable somehow than the polluted rage of fascist barbarians. It is, in fact no different except perhaps with respect to degree... only for now. 'Escalation,' afterall, is part of their current mission statement. And others like the Unabomber have already provided the model. How long will it be, until the insurgency of so-called Eco-terrorism determines bombs, bullets, and butcher's knives to be a similarly suitable means to ridding the 'good' Earth of Capitalism's 'evil' menace?

Will the Nation tolerate the expansion of their brand of homegrown hatred long enough to find out?


El Jefe Maximo said...

And if we'd put them in jail and loose the keys like, forever -- that is, treat them and their organizations like terrorist groups we'd have less of a problem with them then we're probably going to have.

Mr.Atos said...

Unfortunately el jefe, like Hez bollah, Hamas, or Al Quaeda, 10 more will stand up in the place of the one neutralized, I'm afraid. The culture needs to understand these thugs for what they are, and reject their teachings as well as their tactics. The Mullahs of the Organic Jihad, are just as dangerous as those of fascist Islam. And yet we tolerate the teaching of violent anti-Capitalism, the myth of Global Warming, and the rhetoric of the anti-industrial revolution to be taught in our public schools and State Universities. Who needs Madrassas to breed terrorists under those circumstances.