Thursday, March 31, 2005

Felosious (fee-losh-eyus)


Now that Terri Schindler has passed away, attention has turned appropriately to Michael Schiavo and the team that he assembled for his long campaign to execute his estranged wife. At the head of that team is Attorney and euthanasia advocate, George Felos. I think that it is important for history to remember Mr. Felos for the epic and infamous accomplishment of channeling the power of the the United States judicial system to the favor of his sadistic agenda using Terri Schindler as a sacrificial offering to his abominable mission. Judi McCleod of the Toronto Free Press is uncovering some very interesting facts about the Schiavo team that the Old Busted Media has otherwise neglected to review or has simply (and most likely)ignored. (HT: Rush Limbaugh) Over at RadioBlogger, Duane has posted excerpts from Felos' book.

History deserves to remember this man, Felos, and his contribution indefinitely. And what better way to manifest a person's infamy than to codify it in language in perpetuity.

So I am proposing to inaugurate a new word to be used from this day forth in common blogese until such time as it is added to Webster's as an official addition to the English language.

felosious (fee-losh-eyus) or felosian (fee-losh-eyan) adj.

Now we need a good definition. I have a few in mind, but I thought I'd leave it to our readers and the rest of the blogosphere to decide. So please, by all means submit your definitions and they will be posted accordingly until Dueler and I decide on the best comprehensive definition to establish.

UPDATE:03.31.05:23:18 and ongoing

felosious (fee-losh-eyus) adj. - 1. posessing a sadistic fascination with the death of others, especially children and injured animals; manifesting or characterized by an unusual obsession with death.
2. vicariously projecting extreme self-loathing; a violent degree of self-hatred manifested in sadistic manipulation.

felos (fee-loss) n. - a nocturnal parasite that feeds on carrion.

felosipher (fee-los-if-er) n. - charlattan; con man; grifter. (WKUHilltopper)
felosite (fee-los-ite) n. - dupe; idiot or moron. (WKUHilltopper)

felosious (fee-losh-eyus) or felosian (fee-losh-eyan) adj. - incredibly active and duplicitous while promoting the death of other humans using a variety of illegal, conspiratorial, PR, fiduciary, and other means for profit. (Diogenesis)

felosious (fee-losh-eyus) adj. - 1. to carry the mindset of the want of death; a distaste for human life; soulless; in need of divine thought; corrupted. 2. of little use to anything or anyone but themselves 3. mockery of what is good. 4. having a love for the color green. 5. into one's self; judgmental; insensitive 6. demented; showing an appreciation for the demented. 7. out of the mainstream; confused; lacking of pure thought; lost; misdirected; prone to obscure thought 8. lustful (EGPWS)

felosian (fee-losh-eyan) adj. - creepy, particularly in relation to sadism. (NautiNurse)
synonyms: atrocious, barbarian, barbaric, brutal, brutish, coarse, cruel, ferocious, heartless, ignorant, inhuman, inhumane, loathsome, primitive, rough, rude, ruthless, sadistic, truculent, uncivil, uncivilized, uncouth, uncultured, unsophisticated, vicious, vulgar, wicked
felosious (fee-losh-eyus) adj.- in the condition of being severly deluded; delusional (Emily)

Emily of Craziness provides a supporting link to a related post at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.
felosia (fe-LOH-zhuh) n. - a paraphilia characterized by an unnatural sexual attraction to nonresponsive persons, including the comatose and corpses. (Beth)

felosian (fe-LOH-zheun) n. - one afflicted by felosia. (Beth)
Beth notes Felos' statement that the dying woman had never looked more beautiful was remarkably felosian.

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