Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Alabama, G.I. Family Needs Help...


The fetching Mrs. Atos conveyed the message this evening that a long-time friend is having severe difficulty. Amy is the mother of four alone at the moment as her husband is currently deployed with his Army Reserve unit in Iraq. She was in the process of selling their old home to move into a new one and that is when her world took a tail spin. In addition to some health complications with the kids, the new house sprung a leak, and the sale of the old house fell through. Now she has two mortgages, a major leak with interior damage, and the emotional burden of medical difficulties.

Isolated from their families, Amy is working to support her family and dealing with some fairly heavy tribulations that needn't burden her, nor distract her husband from his perilous duty. If there is anyone out there in the area of Birmingham, Alabama that is willing to lend a hand, she could sure use it. I don't know what we could do to help sell her old home, but a Contractor willing to donate services on her behalf to fix problems with the new home would go a long way to help the family of a serviceman standing guard on the frontier of chaos. Anything else would be a plus.

I will help forward any assistance in their direction. Please contact me through my email, and I can get you in touch with their local liason.

Thank you for any assistance that you can provide.

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