Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cafferty, Nuts, and Nincompoops...


Hugh just played a clip of CNN's Jack Cafferty ranting about his belief that the Federal relief efforts have failed the victims of Hurrican Katrina. And as he demanded that the National Guard drop sandwich bombs and water bottles on the mobs at the Superdome, I couldn't help thinking of that episode of WKRP where the news crew dropped live turkeys on a crowd from a helicopter for Thanksgiving.

But seriously... I watched some CNN footage today with their crews driving through town like video vampires preying on misery. But, not once did I see them deliver anyone a box of sandwiches or give them a bottle of water.

Hypocrites riding asses. The mainstream media preying on N.O. victims while ignoring 10,000 other tragic and heroic stories throughout the Gulf Coast further illustrates their profound folly!

My faith in human nature is stretched thin on days like this. I guess I am no Anne Frank. Perhaps that is why we here My Sandmen chose to direct charitable contributions to Canine Search & Rescue organizations.

Radioblogger has posted the audio and transcripts of Cafferty's collapse into a semi-epileptic stupidity fit. Listen and remember what CNN really represents. Then donate to the many wonderful relief efforts that are taking place, and recall Anne Franks words...

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. "


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Publicola said...

Getting spammed a bit I see. I hate when that happens.

JC seems to have went around the bend a bit, but in all fairness it is the specifics that he has wrong. FEMA has not done the job most people epected of them. In general the federal government has done some good, but not as much as was expected.

Is this Bush's fault? Nope. I'm no fan of Bush. He's way too authoritarian for my tastes & has many other faults I won't go into. But Bush is probably doing all he or any other president could. The problem is the means we're looking to for action.

It's government. These are the same type of fine folks who brought us the wonderfully effecient DMV & people are surprised that things don't go smoothly when they run a life or death rescue operation?

& it's not that I'm advocating complete anarchy (though as I see more of government at work it gets harder to remember why I don't) it's just that government is almost always going to be th least effecient means of achieving a goal.

Now personally I think the federal government has grown all out of proprotion to its constitutionally defined role, & FEMA is arguably a part that may have a legitimate place. But a government as large as the federal one cannot be realistically epected to respond satisfactorally to a local or perhps even regional crisis. & alarge part of it is the government is so occupied with things that it has no constituional mandate to do that it neglects the central justifications for its existence.

But JC is probably just among those who are looking to blame Bush & the republicans. He'd have moaned no matter what happened. But if you think he's whining now, imagine if the feds did do something they were constitutionally authorized to do, such as call up the militia to help cut down on the looting. Then again he'd be joined by too many republicns & democrats alike.

& miss Frank got it wrong. People are neither good nor evil at heart. They choose one (or sometimes both) attributes by the decisions they make, but I never bought the "better nature" argument that has stemmed from miss Frank's quote. Humanity has the potential for both good & evil actions. A belief that the desirable one is inherent & by implication dominant despite the undesirable one being portrayed denies reality I'm afraid.

J.R. said...

Left loonies like Cafferty and friends have really lost it ! They don't care how they have to do it they will slam the President. If the President had gone straight to New Orleans they would have accused him of grand standing and interfering with the recovery efforts.

The security on the ground is horrendous how would the Secret Service be able to protect the President against gunfire or an outright riot ? What a ridiculous statement to make that the President should have flown right down there.

The problem with these idiots is that they have no clue when it comes to public safety operations in these disasters. The President coming into the area would create an even worse security situation as the affected areas are trying desperately to keep order and calm. The last thing they need is to be trying to protect the President on top of all of this.

Mr.Atos said...

FAct is, there is a big area of destruction along the Gulf Coast right now encompassing three states stretch 100 miles inland. The armchair first responders (As Michelle calls them) like 'Calamity' Jack are evaluating the totality of the emergency response by emails from viewers(read DU-ers) and CNN imagery from ground zero of a city that was to be evacuated not once, but twice due to the nature of its the destruction and veritable isolation. Rescuers were on duty before baybreak Tuesday and have been pouring into the area since. BUt, priority at the moment seems to be the search for survivors who will not survive much longer in submerged houses, flooded neighborhoods and decimated towns and parishes throughout the bayous of the coast. There are a lot of people who need help... even if CNN does not see fit to turn its cameras on them and the herculean effort building to help them.