Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Letter to Home

Major Mike

I have decided, in spite of all of the good things that happen in this country everyday, that journalists and newspapers cannot bring themselves to print or report “good” stories. This is both a poor business decision (as evidenced by dramatic declines in the major liberal publications) and an indifference to the obvious gap that they have in their coverage of the events of the day. This is a blind spot that they simply cannot be convinced that they have. They buy, sell, push, and write negativism.

This became clear when a follow-up story on Katrina and Rita, on NPR, felt compelled to report that ALL of the levees on the Mississippi River, as far north as St. Louis were in dire need of repair. No doom and gloom here. Maybe we should begin to evacuate the entire country…then we can all be safe.

I believe this blind spot is induced because most Journalism students are being educated on the subject at a time in their lives when they, and most young people, are at their most liberal. Most of us get past the "ideal" and live in the "real," but it seems at times that Journalists are stuck in this period. Combined with the "distrust everybody" and "bad news sells papers" intructional primer for Journalism 101, our news becomes an almost constant splatter that the "real" is negatively impacting the "ideal." An inevitable collision that occurs in the real world everyday, but apparently it is news to Journalists.

I thought it would be fun to read a journalism 101 sturdent's first letter home after her first Journalism class at USC...

“Dear Parental Team,

I have arrived in Nirvana. There are plenty of people who think like me, but many seem to be depressed, oppressed, helpless and homeless. There must be some way for me to help them…please send more money.

The weather here is way too good. The sun is in its early stages of giving me skin cancer, and it is a sure sign of global warming. If we have one more, warm, sunny day, I think I’ll scream. The constantly fine weather can be a real drag.

Our football team traveled to an away game, so we protested to try to get them home before any of them got hurt. I think we will continue to protest all of the football games, because the dumb jocks don’t realize the Dean is using them. So, we will do our part and try to keep them from getting hurt, by getting all the rest of the games canceled. We really support our team by not letting them play, so they don’t get hurt. There is no more altruistic demonstration of support…go team.

The Dean is a jerk, scumbag, mental midget, numbskull, public-educated idiot. He actually has a crime prevention program here on campus!!! Doesn’t he realize that criminals are just reaching out for help! He is actually trying to keep the criminals off of campus…shouldn’t we be a bit more understanding of their underlying, and systemic issues? Then wouldn’t we all just get along? I think so! If we didn’t have a closed campus they wouldn’t try to rob us!! We are organizing
a protest so that the Dean relaxes his policies, so that the criminals can enjoy our campus and we can help them overcome their issues with us, and then we will have no crime on campus!

Oh speaking of the Dean…the jerk let it rain last week…my gosh, how weak can he be? He should have been able to keep it from raining…at least here on campus…can’t he do anything?

My grades are good, but who cares, they are simply an antiquated method to crush my individuality. I think I should be measured by my effort…results aren’t that important.

I am taking all of the deepest courses…Psychology, Sociology, Modern Cultures, Journalism, and Art Appreciation. These classes are far better than Physics and Math. My classes really give you a feel on how things in the world really work. Math and Physics…archaic ideas!

I am a bit disappointed in the composition of the student body…there is not one Asian Jew vegan! I really think that with a little effort we could really diversify the student population. It is so important to learn about others…hopefully we can also get an oppressed Eastern European Buddhist Yogi for next year…that would complete the class roster!

I have to go…off to protest space garbage!!!

With love,
Your Child"

Somewhere in this country...some very good things happened today...how about getting over your idea of "journalism," and find these things and report on them.

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