Wednesday, September 21, 2005



Producer Duane of the
Hugh Hewitt radio show captured a classic bit of audio yesterday from a New Orleans Press Conference. The assembly was hosted by feckless Mayor Ray Nagin to discuss current conditions in the city with respect to the approach of Hurricane Rita. But, as feckless Mayor Ray Nagin begins to lose control of the assembly to the nattering numbskulls in a blunderous microcosmic replay of his previous actions, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore took control of the situation... once again.

Duane has posted the audio and transcript over at
RadioBlogger. Anyone who wonders about the true nature of the Federal response to Katrina should listen to the sound of solid command and reconsider what they think that they think about it.

Listen here to the Man berate the press for being "Stuck on Stupid!"

In this one interchange, is contained the entirety of the philosophical condition of modern Western Civilization. Half of civilization is simply stuck on stupid...

Harry Reid is stuck on stupid!

Dan Rather is stuck on stupid!

John Kerry is stuck on stupid!

Both Bill and Hillary are stuck on stupid!

Ted Turner is stuck on stupid!

Cindy Sheehan is stuck on stupid!

The Anglican Church is stuck on stupid!

George Galloway is stuck on stupid! ... actually, he's just a malevolent communist Scot.

... and the American Democrat party is joined with him being stuck on stupid!

Which half are you?

You know this was inevitable. MIchelle calls attention to a new blog inspired by Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, called Stuck on Stupid blog. It is to be devoted to covering MSM reporters who deserve an Honore-type lashing from time to time. Given the nature and sensibilities of the Old Busted Media, site founder TTLV, should stay quite busy. He can start with Chris Matthews.

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AST said...

What a tour-de-force!

And Chuck Schumer is . . ., well, he's just stuck. We'll see how he handles this DCSS scandal . . . So far he's avoided any press questions. That's probably why you couldn't find a recent link to one of his stupid pronouncements.