Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blog Of The Week?...

Mr. Atos

Voting has commenced over at RadioBlogger for Hugh Hewitt's Blog of the Week contest. We have a post in the finals there, so if you read and liked, S.O.S... pop over there and vote. Do be sure to read all of the entries, as they are all good.

Duane is also taking votes on names for the growing Schumer Scandal. "Charlie and The Document Factory" is in the lead so far. Very funny!

Hugh is on the Schumer story as is Okie on the Lam, and Michelle Malkin between comprehensive Rita coverage.

Okie Boy has made some changes to his site in light of celebrating a notable first year of quite successful blogging. I like it. there is a sort of fear and loathing in the blogosphere theme going on there now. See what you thiink.

Happy Birthday, DB! And Congratulations on a tremendous first year of blogging. It has only just begun.

... as for me? It is a beautiful morning in upstate New York. The fetching Mrs. and I are going to take the kids to pick some fresh apples. Afterall, I am on vacation.

Don't forget to Vote!

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