Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Private Sector Recovery Effort...Attention Cigar Smokers

Major Mike

I have fired off an email to the Cigar Factory New Orleans http://www.cigarfactoryneworleans.com/ . I have yet to receive a reply, but that doesn't surprise me...I am sure they will in due time. Here is what I propose to other Katrina recovery minded cigar smokers. I am going to order a box. I don't expect my order to be immediately filled, but I am hoping, that when they get back to their computers, they will be happy to see a backlog of orders. This may help them make decisions that will keep their employees on the job. I think that this type of capitalistic focused recovery effort will be every bit as important as the immediate relief that is taking place now.

I also don't see where this wouldn't be helpful for other New Orleans based businesses...Perlis for example...crayfish logo apparel...http://www.perlis.com/ . Mardi Gras beads, artwork. etc.

Make you next order...even if its a backorder, from New Orleans. I am ording my box of Vieux Carre Rothhchilds now.

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