Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Matrix Of Indoctrination (Part 1)...


In Jay Bennish's world, high school geography teacher in the Aurora district of Colorado, he is a prisoner. Held captive in a nation not of his making, by an oppressive regime not of his choice.

But, also in Jay Bennish's world he is a hero. Gifted with an insight beyond the ability of the herd of Man, he is enlightened to the matrix of delusion that has manifested this abomination of their demise. And therefore he is free.

He is free to perceive beyond the realm of the rational universe. Cleary there is nothing that is rational in a fabricated reality. 'I believe, therefore it is,' he asserts.

He is free to undermine the trappings of tradition; the shackles time has linked to the souls of Man's children by subsequent layers of fable and prejudice. 'They have been told a lie,' he knows,
'that I alone must correct.'

He is free to question authority that has no legitimacy. The omnipotent perfection of his preference was not rendered by popular choice, further demonstrating the depths of the delusion. 'If we are to offer ourselves to collective unification,' he believes, 'it must be the manifestation of a progressive enlightenment. Fairness and justice are the currency of a liberal exchange. Obedience is the only salary'

He is free to unravel the tangled skein of a fate that has yet to be determined, for once the soul is freed by the mind to believe rather than to think, the child may feel its way down out of the darkness. The clouds of destiny, he suspects, blind any further assent to glory and achievement.

He is free to rebel against the oppression that presses like a boot heel. Rules being a footprint in the snow for other soldiers to step, he determines to fling the soul beyond the rim of guidelines, else be trampled by the marching fodder for the tyrant's cannon. 'These children,' he claims, 'are my troops, not theirs.'

He is free therefore, to inform the nation's young children about all the things he believes
to be true, because he is obligated, by his unique enlightenment to destroy this matrix of delusion.

Yes he is Neo, the heroic hacker of metaphysical existence. An epistemological pirate of philosophy disguised as a mild-mannered world geography teacher. And it is his duty to unplug your children's minds from the system... reality, tradition, the Republic, and you.

Welcome to the world of Jay Bennish and the microcosmic glympse he provides into the mess that has infested rational minds through the education system of this nation for nearly a century.

For Mr. Bennish, like Ward Churchill, the enemy is the web of deception woven by time, tradition, and the values proffered by generations, that have cast the foundation of a unified cultural identity by which the children of civilization become the citizens of Mankind.
To him it is a prison, complete with guards, police, and... Agents.

His is in fact the delusion lending to deliberate deception, creating the actual Matrix in which our children are now imprisoned...

... The Matrix of Indoctrination.

(more to come...)

The Matrix of Indoctrination, Part 2...

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