Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shotgun Friday

Major Mike

Dixie Chicks hit #36

I was sad to see that the Dixie Chicks could only muster a #36 debut with the new, and unrepentant single, “Not Ready to Make Nice.” This is a sad re-birth for a talented group that had creamed the charts with Wide Open Spaces (album and single), “Cowboy Take Me Away,” “There’s Your Trouble,” and the like. No doubt this debut was impacted by Natalie’s careless anti-war, anti-Bush remarks three years ago. They are sadly learning the hard lessons of capitalism AND entertainment…the market place decides, and don’t s__t where you eat.

The fact that they remain committed to their three year old stance, means that they will continue to suffer in the market place. Remember the Sony lobby being jammed with “returned” DC CDs? Who can calculate how much revenue they have lost, and will continue to lose, as many people like myself, will still not buy their albums, no matter how much they enjoy the music. Their highest chart-topper prior to this, and since their March 2003 comments made it to an earth shattering #44.

When was the last time you heard the DCs on the radio? DCs...get used to being bottom feeders, Americans have a long memory when troops are dying in the field. Think before you open your pie hole.

Jane Fonda Misses the Bus

I scoured both the news and the travel sections today looking for an opportunity to get on Jane Fonda’s Vegetable Fueled War Protest Bus, but as the month end looms, I fear she will not make good on her promise to “come out” and protest the Iraq War. Hmmm…was the timing of her anti-war travelogue announcement disingenuously designed to sell more of her books? A book (My Life So Far) that she just happened to be pushing at the same time. An obvious attempt by Janie to grab 14 more minutes of fame before her plasticized persona is forever forgotten, and never missed the American public.

Did I say plasticized? Just when we thought her book tour would drive her into the sunset, she grabs for a 13th minute of fame with an anti-plastic surgery campaign. No kidding. This is like a fisherman who has limited out on opening day, asking the game warden to close the lake so that others can't fish. Seems to me that since she has gotten hers, she is trying to eliminate her sixty something competition by cutting off the plastic surgery option for others. Sorry, maybe “cutting off” wasn’t a great choice of words. Life must be tough in the sixties dating world.

I really think that this loathe-able narcissist should do us all a favor and …shut up. She is no more relevant today than BetaMax. Shut up AND go away.

Islam the Peaceful Religion

Luckily for Abdul Rahman, Islam…the peaceful religion, has somehow intervened to spare him from the death sentence. Phew, just in time. Rahman a serial murderer, rapist and adulterer…ooooops, sorry…a convert to Christianity, was being held in a death penalty case, simply because he had converted from Islam to Christianity. Heinous crime.

The moderates of Islam will need to start gaining preeminence at the podium if Islam is to ever integrate into Western civilization. Westerners will never understand, nor tolerate the harsh and uneven application of Islamic laws. The grossly inappropriate criminalization of a deeply personal choice will never be accepted amongst modern cultures, and will always be a barrier to compatible cultural integration between Christians and Muslims…unless the Muslim moderates gain a voice in the world of Islam. Do not fear, it is not yet a crime against Islam to be a moderate, and it only takes courage to speak your mind.

Michelle Malkin has the running box score on this one.

Legal Businesses Should Leave Portland

Portland City Commissar Randy Leonard extended an invitation to Schumacher Furs to leave the downtown district. The invitation comes on the heels of an escalating protest in front of the Schumacher Furs retail store in downtown Portland by some rat-hugging PETA ideo-idioclones who have taken it upon themselves to damage a privately held, legally run business. And the brilliant Leonard thinks the solution is for the Schumachers to leave town.

Another pathetic commentary on the state of affairs in Portland…the suave politicalnik, Central Precinct Commandant Dave Benson came up with the entirely democratic proposition of moving the Schumachers…

Central Precinct Cmdr. Dave Benson said the idea he'd floated about relocating was one of several in an effort to solve the Schumacher problem. He believes locating in a private mall would better protect the retailer from protests.
"We're just trying to referee this as best we can," Benson said. "Certainly I have a concern that it may impact not only Mr. Schumacher's business but the business downtown. We want to keep downtown a healthy, energized business community."

How about we disperse the protesters, and allow the legal, capitalistic enterprise of fur selling continue. That is the democratic, legally based solution. If the Schumachers are forced out, who is next…the Coach counter at Nordstroms, the meat counter at Safeway, the Portland Zoo, Bob’s trout farm?

If this city wants to be known as anything more than a collection of kooky protesters, then the city must step up and protect legal commerce wherever and however it occurs.

Allowing the protesters to push businesses out of the downtown area on their ever-changing whimsical protest agenda will be the first step in Portland’s Urban Renewal for the 21st Century Program…first scare off all the businesses, then let the downtown become a ghost town and a haven for druggies and protesters, then raise money to revitalize the city. Nice plan.

The city has a responsibility here to support the taxpaying business. The city should ensure that the protesters have their say. But Portland also needs to ensure that the Schumachers are not harmed by the idiocy of the ferret huggers.

Update: I dropped my spoon into my Cocoa Puffs this morning when I found myself on the same side of this story as the Oregonian. Either I had awakened in the middle of an eerie Twilight Zone episode, or the Big O had finally gotten some common sense in their editorial room.

"The city commissioner was building on the anti-business reputation Portland City Hall has been working hard to earn over the past couple of years, even if he and other city officials won't acknowledge it."

I wiped the milk off my face, slapped myself twice, and double checked that I still had my GOP precinct card. I am hoping that this signals a move towards presenting a balanced view of local needs, and that it is also precursor to an end of the shilling for the ridiculous and ultra-liberal agenda usually pushed by the Big O.

Dems Provide National Security Plan…Milton Bradley Missing Dozens of “Stratego” Games

The Dems announced a plan this week to solve our problems in Iraq, and I can’t find it. I’d think that it would be readily available for all to peruse, so that the detail could be scoured, and the praise and critique could begin. But I can’t find it. Is it the Dick Durbin Plan? The Zbigneiw Brzezinsky Plan? I have Googled, and Yahoo’d until the letters have come off my keyboard, and I can’t find the Rosetta Stone of strategic brilliance…help. Please send a link in the comment section if you can find it.

Meanwhile, I’ll focus my efforts on finding the missing Stratego games, they may prove more valuable.

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