Friday, March 31, 2006

The New Syndrome...


The finalists are up at Radioblogger in Duane's impromptu photoshop contest flogging Hugh Hewitt's new book, "Painting The Map Red." Sadly our entry was not among those selected for voting, and that is of course a travesty, as you can well see. The esoteric message of the image we submitted was both brilliant and profound. The new Syndrome abandons all other weapons in its quest for world domination, save the most powerful new weapon of all.

Afterall, Hugh...

'... We are your biggest fans!'

In light of this aggregious humliation, we nevertheless encourage or readers to purchase the book. And we would at this time, like to forward our endorsement of the second best entry in the contest... that would be Okieboy's, Dean Screamer. We encourage you, therefore to go to Radioblogger's site now and vote for DB's entry.

Then go to Amazon and buy the book.

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