Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Truth, Technology and News


Western Society has reached the point, which we are all somehow instinctively aware, that "truth" and "fact" can no longer be defitively identified. So much semi factual-information is thrown at us simultaneously that we MUST process it through our own filters of belief and morality as quickly as possible in order to make sense of our world. Outright facts become ambiguous. So by necessity
(in clarity and time) of the information consumer and by necessity (in bias and expediency) of the information purveyor, facts can no longer be pure facts. We simply don't have the time anymore to *really* figure things out for ourselves.

Supplant longstanding moral compasses with alternative morality and the world can be re-defined. To those that wish to hasten that paradigm: beware the destruction of the moral traditions of your society. Don't come crying to me when, in spite of your quest to redefine (yet somehow maintain) morality, you discover that Morality no longer exists. And a vacuum of Morality provides a perfect opportunity for Morality mandated by ambitious soothsayers.

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