Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Matrix Of Indoctrination (Part 2)...

Mr. Atos

There is a moral travesty revealed in the nation's public education system through the exposure of
Jay Bennish, high school geography teacher in the Aurora district of Colorado. In order to fully comprehend it, let us first establish the fact that high school is nothing more than the final installment of a child's elementary education. Elementary education is universally mandated by both State and Federal law. Any person considered to be a minor - under the age of 18, and not yet a sovereign citizen - must undergo some form of elementary education, be it public, private, or parental. It has so been established by legislative authority that basic education is of critical importance to the Nation's well-being. Funds are therefore confiscated involuntarily, in the form of taxes at all levels of government for the purpose of public education, regardless of preference for means to that end. Parents who do not wish for their children to attend a public school, are not reimbursed nor otherwise credited for the money's confiscated for local schools should they choose an alternate method for educating their children. As such, most Americans cannot afford another form of education and are therefore compelled by the system to accept whatever incarnation of public education is provided for them by their local government - means, methods, and message.

The goal of Elementary education is to establish a sound foundation for intellectual development. Juveniles are by nature absorbing and processing critical information about their environment and struggling to survive within. The more complex the environment, the more intense the lesson, and there is little time during the age of the modern child to be wasted on triviality. In essence, it is no different than the mechanisms operating in the natural environment, for which I'm fairly sure Jay Bennish extends considerable respect. Growing up in a modern 'civilized' biosphere makes it no less hostile to life; survival being more challenging for an infant in the city, than a cub in a jungle. Humans have no instinct for survival. It must be learned. It must be taught. And the more effective the lesson, the better the chance for continued existence for there is little time to process the corporeal relevance of the existential phenomena of an oncoming locomotive, when one is standing on its tracks.

Critical thinking has no place in elementary education. Logic being the fundamental basis of intellect, the principles of reasoning must be systematically and effectively established in the young mind prior to its independence. Things must be allowed to be known. facts must exists. Analytic thinking is essential at this stage, as the mind absorbs the benefits afforded by the collective knowledge of civilization. Precepts are transformed into concepts, and actions become justified on the basis of sound judgement through experience, success and failure. The protection from consequences affords the freedom of failure. But, even the lessons of failure are essential. Consequences are the currency of existence. Punishment and rewards are objective certainties of reality that define life. Survival depends on objective lessons, not on paralyzing abstractions. Teaching abstract thinking to a child is like training it to open the protective cap on a bottle of pesticide... a task at which Jay Bennish has been exposed as being expert.

Critical or 'free' thinking, as Jay Bennish offers, paralyzes the developing mind with confusion and disorder. Unsubstatiated abstractions replace fundamental concepts causing essential information pertinent to continued survival to be questioned by a mind ill-equipped for lack of experience. Other facts are simply obscured by a cacophony of infinite possibilities, unrestrained by knowledge. Authority is questioned and rejected. The parental barriers for nurturing and protection are breeched prematurely. And a young mind retarded of experience, instinct, and knowledge reels before the chaos of sensory overload with no means to filter and process information effectively. It has been poisoned and destroyed... or worse, in the case of Jay Bennish.

The problem many are having understanding the true nature of the incident with Jay Bennish, is that they are confusing the methodology of teaching a minor versus that of a citizen. A child is not an adult. Elementary school by definition is not the place to teach so-called 'free' thinking. Objective facts are conveyed without question in order to facilitate the learning process in absense of confusion, doubt, and discord... ie. things are ELEMENTARY. It is vital that children are taught in this manner in order to prepare them for the rigors and responsibilities of adulthood and citizenship. Afterall, children have no rights, no choice, nor freedom of expression. We as parents are their legal and social surrogates in those respects and are charged with the responsibility for their well being and growth. As parents, nothing enrages us more than the thought of someone violating our children. Nor should it. Jay Bennish is no different than a child molester, for all intents and purposes. Except that he fondles children's sensibilities, and rapes their minds in the process of his perverse ritual of indoctrination.

(more to come...)

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As I Prepare Part 3 of this piece, Michelle Malkin as usual, has some extended coverage of the subject. And she links readers to this cartoon at Cox & Forkum that proves 3 panel are worth 3000 words or more. But, I write anyway. The keypad being my small clarion.

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