Thursday, April 20, 2006

What Is Being Left - Sturmabteilung ...


The Sturmabteilung, translated as 'storm division' or 'storm troopers', were originally specialized units of assault troops used by the Germany forces in World War I. Instead of a large mass assault, typical of the times, the Sturmabteilung were organized into small teams of a few soldiers each, deployed along the lines for rapid infiltration assaults of enemy positions that proved more effective.

The term was revived after the War by civilian paramilitary organizations of the German Nazi party playing a key role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s. Often known as brownshirts from the color of their cheaply available recycled uniforms, the SA carried out numerous acts of violence against opposition groups throughout the 1920's and into the 30s. The SA grew in importance within the Nazi power structure, eventually being re-organized as the infamous SS.

Today, despite the ongoing hyperbolic, vitriolic rhetoric vomited forth by the Left relating Conservatism to Nazism and comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler, it is they who actually employ those methods that delivered such atrocities as Kristallnacht. Die Sturmabteilung have indeed assembled again. In places like The University of California at Santa Cruz, youthful idiots have adapted the tested tactics of those odious thugs to personify the contemporary nature and intent of what is being Left.
  • April 11: Military recruiters packed up their displays and left a UC Santa Cruz job fair Tuesday after several protesters attempted to force themselves inside the fair while others blocked the entrance over the course of a tense hour-long standoff.
  • April 17: Vandals struck at least six sport utility vehicles Saturday night on the Westside, slashing tires and spray-painting politically charged messages such as "Oil equals blood" and "Guzzle" on the side of the vehicles, authorities said.
    One of the victims, Andrea Muzzi, who lives in a house at King Street and Berkshire Avenue, said she saw a group of 30 to 40 young men on bicycles ride away after using a knife to slash the four tires on her brand-new GMC Yukon, which was parked in front of her house.
  • April 17th: After reporting on these stories, online journalist Michelle Malkin begins receiving abusive messages and threats; Like that from so-called Jake Daab of Chicago Illinois... "I guess it's time... To post not only YOUR personal information on the web, but that of your family as well...After all, Michelle, it's only fair. Hmmm...who should we start with and where shall we post it? You are a reprehensible excuse of a human being." is one of the kinder ones.
  • April 19th: Threats escalate against Michelle Malkin as her family's private home address, phone numbers, photos, and maps of her neighborhood are spread among the new Sturmabteilung websites... for use at their discretion.
Like Portland talk radio host, Lars Larson before, Michelle Malkin and her family have become a target of what is being Left. Using threats, coersion, and ultimately violence, the new Sturmabteilung intends to silence all opposition against their desired political and ideological ambitions.

In previous posts, I warned of gathering storms. Wake up and play close attention, America! ... especially rational Democrats. The core mentality that is demanding a return to power in this Nation, and in the name of the Democrat Party, represents neither your interests, nor American values. The fringe obscenity that is what is being Left in the absense of reason - born of 60's radicalism, and 20th century nihilism - worships violence over voice toward its ends of control by means of destruction, violence, aggression... or frankly by any means necessary. For what is being Left has already been discarded once by civilized Man... at the cost of some 62 million lives and unimagineable destruction.

It dare not be recycled by means of tolerance for the likes of these primordial denizens of chaos and anarchy that curddle at the fetid core of what is being Left.

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