Tuesday, October 24, 2006

AP Shills For The Big Lib-Oski...


As the Associated Press suddenly realizes the forecasts and predictions of Republican Dooooom in November may not be so.
AP writer, Brad Cain strikes up the AP's Get Out The Vote effort in the Oregon Governor's race...

In this season of bleak election forecasts for the Republicans, one bright spot has emerged from an unlikely state: left-leaning Oregon.

This traditionally blue state represents one of the Republicans' best shots at picking up a governorship held by the Democrats, with polls showing Gov. Ted Kulongoski and GOP challenger Ron Saxton virtually tied.
But, with the next paragraph, Cain still attempts the strategy of MSM Republican vote suppression, aka, the Democrat Delusion,
Elsewhere, the Democrats are on a roll this year, appearing likely to pick up governors' seats in powerful states like Ohio, New York and Massachusetts.
Note that, 30-50 seat pick up thing, with a full turnover of Congressional leadership mantra, is a little absent from this AP report. Nevertheless, realizing the political impact of gubernatorial snatch in another DNC 'so-called' stronghold like Oregon, panick seems to have produced a degree of sobriety in the MSM. So, the AP goes on the attack...
Ted Kulongoski ... is locked in a tight race with Ron Saxton at a time when by all rights he should be the favorite to win re-election.

After all, Democrats hold a 60,000-voter registration edge over Republicans in Oregon, and lay claim to all but one of the statewide elected offices. The state's economy has been on an upswing over the past two years, after a recession forced serious budget cutbacks during the first years of Kulongoski's tenure.

A former Marine who has attended the funeral of nearly every Oregonian killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, the 65-year-old Kulongoski is respected on a personal level by voters. But he has chagrined even his supporters with unscripted comments suggesting Oregon should look at instituting a sales tax and canceling a refund of excess revenue to taxpayers next year.

Saxton, the 52-year-old co-founder of a Portland law firm, has little political experience — he served one term on the Portland school board.

Read: Kulongoski, the former Marine vs. Saxton the inexperience lawyer. And of course, Governor K is respected on a personal level by voters, notes the AP... with the exception, it overlooks, of those 50 percent who hold him in disdain, and the other 25 who don't respect him at any level, but would vote for a diseased baboon if it ran as a Democrat.

So, here is where it comes down to the wire. The Press and Polsters have spent their long-range artillery with the news that the Republicans nationwide are going down to humiliating defeat. But, have you read about
Michael Steele in the Maryland Senate Race? Or Menendez troubles in New Jersey? Harold Ford crumbles on air in Tennessee. And John Podhortez has some sobering insights for gleeful Democrats.

As the November election approaches, and with the artillery spent, the MSM will take to their bayonettes against Republican candidates. AP stories like Cain's will multiply to fill the media in favor of Democrats and against their opponents. It will get worse. But, understand this Republicans...

... the only votes that count in the end, are those cast.

Just vote!

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