Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Gravity of Unpleasantville...

Mr. Atos

As no doubt planned, the drive-by media is no completely engaged with the seemingly lurid story of an allegedy innappropriate relationship of sorts between a Congressman and his paige. Understandable. Situations of this sort, in which adult men (or women), court underage boys (or girls), by means of emotional manipulation via their mentoring relationships, beget an appropriate degree of concern, especially among parents. Mary Kay Letourneau comes to mind. Gerry Studds also rings a bell, as does a recent former President. Would that these matters were taken more seriously by the mainstream media and certain Congressional blowhards, when their impact could not in itself be molested for political effect. We might avoid the parallel cultural phenomenon of seemingly less importance (weigh against the alternate coverage) of three school shootings in one week. The most recent and tragic of these occurred yesterday when a man walked into an Amish Elementary school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania and executed, by firing a pistol point blank to the back of their heads, 5 young girls, ages 6-13.

"The gunman, identified as Charles Carl Roberts, 32, killed himself after lining his victims against the wall and shooting them execution-style in the head."
Let that sink in for a bit... weighed against the relative moon-like gravity of the Foley situation. Then take a breath and step back with me onto Jupiter.

At point blank to the back of the head... their parents were never afforded the dignity of staring into the beautiful faces of their innocent daughters one last time, before submitting them to the darkness of the Earth.

Do you now feel the gravity here? Were that we were begging the questions of our culture with the same furor that the MSM is quizzing House leaders regarding a relatively innocuous scandal by comparison, we might demand to know what is causing this wave of insane violence perpetrated against our children? We would demand to know the agent of the social rot that has infested our civilization and devoured the fibers of human decency such that predation, the likes of which animals are averse to commit, is now perpetrated at whim and in the name of nihilistic self-aggrandizement. Yet the roots of infection are surrepticiously overlooked by commentators and statesman alike, bandaged instead like a severed limb with scotch tape by some meaningless crusade against the objects of mischief instead of the subjects of violence and the concepts that motivate their human malevolence. If we as a society would dare to look closely, in fact, with the courage and clarity, and indeed the sanction to condemn, the answers would all be quite clear; as would be a remedy for the putrifaction of Western Civilization as a whole and American society in particular.

Dueler touched on the root cause in his previous post. "Hippies!" Ridiculous right?! Perhaps it is a bit flip to suggest such a thing, because Hippies were not the cause for the culture's ill-fated plunge into septic abyss of self-destructive nihilism. They were merely its first converts to the consumption of cultural sewerage. They fed on the slime of Progressive Humanism. They purchased socialism's manifestos without question. They worshipped its clerics like Noam Chomsky. They knighted their champions like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy who are now its leadership. And in the dawn of the 21st century, their vision has bestowed on us all, the demonic visages of both Osama Bin Laden and Charles Carl Roberts. It is they the Left, progressive humanistm, modern liberalism, and their surrogates in media, education, government, and the Democrat party that have given us is Nickel Mines, Columbine and 9/11 alike.

Progressive Humanism is the religion of the Left. And by its own century's long Inquisition, it crucified Aristotle (destroying Reason, Ethics and Virtue) even before it began to attack God and religion in the latter half of the last century. Remove both philosophies from the psyche of Man, and he easily slips into insanity, bred of cosmic loneliness and insufferable moral confusion. Human’s have no instinct guiding survival. Unlike animals, humans must choose to live. And in order to survive, they must decide that survival is moral, then institute a programming free of contradiction that renders its continuation. Virtue can be attributed to the programming that is most conducive to that end. And yet it is a word and an idea, rejected outright by the Left.

Their's is personal wretchedness bred of perpetual and collective self-loathing. They despise anything good and decent for the shame it cast upon them by comparison. Tossing aside those glowing jewels of virtue that do shine among us, they grope instead for the miserable and the wretched like sodden feces as their cherished treasure. They consume the poison of moral relativism for nourishment and spread anger, fear, hate, confusion, doubt, purposelessness, and malevolence like a virus infecting the soul of humanity and disintegrating mankind from the inside outward. The Left are like termites chewing the foundations out from beneath the structure of civilization. They have peddled their loathing for this nation and all that it stands for aggressively and consistently for nearly 4 decades, such that the chickens of thier discontent have indeed come home to roost, both with our most mortal enemies, and in the presence of our most cherished posessions... our progeny. America's children have become the sacrificial goats of a political party and ideological movement committed to misery and suffering as the noblest achievement of human virtue. What then do we expected to get as the highest reward for the attainment of such perfection, if not the most brutal of consecrations.

To which gravity dare we respond in November, when working to shore up the foundations of Western Civilization?

(edited for clarity, 10.04.06)


Major Mike said...

Atos...I don't believe we have published a true sentence, nor a more devastating comentary on the liberalization of our society...

"America's children have become the sacrificial goats of a political party and ideological movement committed to misery and suffering as the noblest achievement of human virtue."

True in a hundred ways...from blocking parental notification on abortion; to myriad of unsuccessful educational "reform" programs that have plunged our schools and kids into utter confusion; to counter-messaging on pre-marital sex through the handing out of condoms in our schools; to the well intentioned, but errant caravan of governmental subsidy programs that have killed initiative and fostered dependence and self-doubt for nearly two generations now; to the upside-down prioritization of short term self-interests over long-term, collective societal gains and improvements; to...on and on and on...

The ego-centric interests of the "me" generation are coming into their "glory" at the expense of our children. Unfortunately our children are being consumed as a result of 4 decades of spiraling, liberal decline. MM

Mr.Atos said...

Thank you. Yesterday’s events just made me ache to the core of my soul. Nothing like agony to clarify the mind. Frankly, I just can't get worked up now about a topic that made both Sting and Nabokov famous, simply because the same wretched malcontents that delivered us to Hell in the first place wish me to care now about the soot and the smell. I'm more concerned about the flames and demons.

Giancarlo said...