Monday, October 23, 2006



Last week, the
Investor's Business Daily clobbered Harry Reid and his scurilous Democrats... and appropriately so, (HT FReeper, bitt)

Reid It And Weep: As the FBI raids Curt Weldon's daughter's house, Harry Reid's sons have benefited from their father's influence undisturbed. Meanwhile, Reid puts campaign funds to personal use and seeks a do-over on his ethics statements.

We never cease to be amazed at the double standard applied to the morals and ethics of Democrats and Republicans in Congress. We've already commented on how Republican Mark Foley was forced to resign for sending lewd e-mails to congressional pages, while Democrat Gerry Studds received mere censure and standing ovations after actually having sex with one, being allowed to serve until he decided to retire.

But the case of Senate Minority Leader Reid is a double standard on steroids. The latest episode is his request to file an "amended" ethics statement after the Associated Press revealed he made $1.1 million on a $400,000 investment on property he hadn't owned for three years; it was the subject of an earlier editorial on these pages.

In a statement issued after the AP story, Reid said: "I directed my staff to file amended financial disclosure forms noting that in 2001 I transferred title to the land to a Limited Liability Corporation."

So much for that Republican culture of corruption thing, eh Harry?!

Reid said he agreed to file the amended reports because, "I believe in ensuring all facts come to light." And if you believe that, the senator probably has some oceanfront property in Nevada to sell you.

We've also reported on Reid's questionable involvement and compensation in another Nevada real-estate deal involving lobbyist and developer Harvey Whittemore, who plied Reid with campaign contributions and employed Reid family members. In return, Reid greased the skids for Whittemore, who made millions in profits once inconvenient environmental obstacles were overcome.

We may complain to no end or avail about the double standard in Washington and its counterclockwise (read, backward) circus media. But, complaining is no replacement for engaging. There's a great scene in Pirates of the Carribean where Will Turner chides Jack Sparrow for not fighting fair. Sparrow replies..."Pirate!"

We're dealing with Pirates, Scoundrels, and Scalliwags in the form of Democrats and what is being Left. So far there has been little made by the MSM (go figure) nor the Congressional leadership regarding Reid's malfeasance. When will Republicans learn to fight with appropriate ruthlessness and resolve?! The Right may mostly prevail with its typical neurotic politeness, but someday it won't. And when a ship loses a fight like that it is plundered and scuttled and sinks to the bottom.

It does not come back.

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Major Mike said...

To answer your very pertinent question..."When will Republicans learn to fight with appropriate ruthlessness and resolve?!"

About the same time they figure out that the practice of "collegiality" in our houses of Congress evaporated during decades of Democrat control of both bodies, and that true bi-partisan cooperation is no longer a viable option for Republicans.

Republicans need to wise up and get the idea that having control of Congress, and the Presidency is an opportunity for excellence, and worth fighting for, and not something to be ashamed of, or embarrased by.

Grab your cutlass, and take to the rigging.