Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Change Begins...


"Change Begins At The Top", began the Oregonian's endorsement of Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate, Ron Saxton... Republican.

Yes, you read that right!

Ron Saxton opens many of his campaign appearances with a question: Are you satisfied with Oregon and its state government?

We're not.

This state has slipped and fallen. School funding is below the national average. Oregon is near the bottom in public support of universities. The number of troopers patrolling highways is only half of what the state mustered 30 years ago. Oregon's system of public finance is a mess, and Oregon, virtually alone among states, has no rainy day fund.

Worse, many Oregonians seem unwilling to lift a finger, or spend another dime, to remedy these problems. There is a weariness in Oregon and a deep cynicism of government. It seems there is nothing constructive voters would agree to right now, not more money for schools or health care, and certainly not reform of the state's flawed tax system.

Oregon cannot go on this way. This state must change, and the change must begin at the top: Voters should elect Ron Saxton as the next governor.

Wow! The moonbats of Portland must have forgotten to spike the Oregonian water fountains that morning.

Suffice it to say, change happens incrementally with steps (even crawls) in the right direction. I come from a State where politics is sane... on both sides of the aisle. So I may be too optimistic at times that Oregon might some day be a little more like Texas. Only just a little. Even with this striking endorsement, and a slight lead in the polls, Saxton still faces the battle of his political life. Where Oregon is red, it is deep red. And many Conservative voters simply cannot stomach another moderate in leadership, even if it is a Republican. They may well stay home this election...again. They may well let the hardcore Marxists Democrats of Portland and Eugene paint this Red State, Blue... again. And, in the end, Oregon will be counting votes like Washington State. The State cannot afford to have any Republicans sit silent this November. Every single voice will be needed to overcome the opposition's efforts.

As it stands, I will do anything that I can for those men and women standing to our defense on the frontier of chaos. With Portland Council prepared to vote for immediate surrender in Iraq, competent or not (and in most cases not) no Democrat deserves the trust and power bestowed on them by the people of these United States. The Democrat party does not merely need to be defeated. It must be thoroughly destroyed and the insane Left, ostricized from American politics. As you know, there is plenty of liberalism and loyal opposition on the Right for two new parties... Afterward.

Besides, can you just imagine the apoplexy in Portland and Eugene when the State wakes up with an elephant in Salem on Wednesday morning?

Change begins... with one step in the Right direction.

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