Friday, October 06, 2006

Suffering Fools...


Suffering the malevolence of what is being Left, has become something of a rite in the passing of citizens of what is Right to champions of Reason; idiocy being a bump in the road to real human progress. But, suffering the obstinance of one's own fools on the Right is virtually insufferable given the political disasters their short-sided, myopic, irresponsible, indignation stands to unleash. Does anyone remember, Perot? It only takes 10% stupidity to yield 8 years of deterioration. Now is not the time to test a unified theory, of righteous abandon. Too much is at stake, to risk an error in judgment. And four years is far to long to wait for a fix that may never arrive.

Being an Objectivist, I recognize that the tree of Reason bears more fruits of virtue than the tangled vines of Passion. So I urge my Republican brethren to recognize one simple objective for the upcoming election. There is but one issue for which to vote, regardless of all other misgivings. And this one, does not even require you to hold your nose. Resolve yourselves to this truth...

... and share it with everyone that you know.

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