Saturday, October 07, 2006

Portland Welcomes Sheehan...


You know Portland, Oregon?... it’s a suburb of Berkeley, California. Our Mayor rides bikes with the anarchists and spends federal tax money, i.e., your money, on light rail trains and skyway trams. Although a dangerously oppressive place for conservatives, it has its amusing moments of ironical hypocrisy. It is very common to see both of the following bumpers stickers: “War is not the answer” and “Trees are the answer” stuck on the same car, preferably a hybrid.

Ms. Cindy Sheehan will be in Portland Oregon tomorrow evening for a book signing. Sponsoring Cindy is two of the largest home-grown Portland businesses: Powell’s City of Books and the McMenamins Brothers. Powell’s has the local market on books – the downtown bookstore boasts itself to be the largest bookstore in the United States (I think) and the McMenamins brothers were pioneers in crafting microbrew beer.

My daughter went to elementary school with Emily Powell, Michael Powell’s daughter. When the girls hit middle school age, Michael, being the exemplary leftist elitist he is, hauled Emily out of the Portland Public School system and sent her to the most expensive private school in Oregon.

The McMenamins have made their fortune by purchasing and refurbishing run-down, local landmarks and turning the properties into brew pubs. The last time I went to a McMenamins, the price of a small salsa and chips ran about $7.00.

I find it darn interesting that a couple of fat cat capitalists, like Michael Powell and the McMenamin brothers would sponsor a Marxist like Sheehan, who along with her girlfriend, the sulphurous Hugo Chavez, exchange chit-chat with their girlfriend, Iran's Achmenidoodiehead, who happens to be flooding Iraq with the insurgents who are probably the same devils who killed Cindy's son. Cindy and Hugo like to talk about evil conservative Christians and the ‘end times”, but they bed down with the one man in the world who guarantees that he is going to make it happen. Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode.

I would not be surprised at all to find “No Blood for Oil” bumper stickers on the cars of Michael Powell, Emily Powell, the McMenamin brothers, and all of the Code Pink sisters who will be attending tomorrow evening’s book signing.

You know, every single right-leaning event and lecture I have attending in Portland has ALWAYS been interrupted in one form or another by the lefties. I would have more sympathy for Ms. Sheehan if she wasn't using her son's death as her own profit-producing platform. Powells and McMenamins will be more than happy to sell beer and books tomorrow, but as far as I know, these guys do squat for the military families, who protect their rights to participate in the Capitalist system.

As long as we have carpet-bagging profiteers like the Powells and the McMenimin brothers, people like Cindy Sheehan will stretch out their 15 minutes of fame. They feed off each other and they cause great harm with their greed. Their appeasement is our suicide.

Can we please give them a dose of their own medicine? The email addresses and websites for Powell’s Books and McMenamins Brew Pubs are:

Powell’s Books

McMenamins Brew Pubs

Thanks for the rant.


Major Mike said...

Thanks Maggiecakes...when are you going to sign on for full time work at MySandmen? What is that eventually all ideological bent and successful entrepeneurs, seem to evolve into limousine liberals. They become people who embrace liberal ideologies, but just can't bring themselves to walk amongst the unclean any longer, but then seem to still believe that it is important to push their liberal ideologies onto the rest of us morons. Run your the tree, but don't foist Cindy Sheehan upon me.

Your version of comfortable elitism doesn't sit well with those of us who still have to deal with the world in a "real," and pragmatic way. The way that actually gets our kids through public school. The way that still preserves our financial resources, for ourselves and our families, while contributing a reasonable amount into public programs.

Supporting the ideologies, and spoken word, of Cindy Sheehan, attaches those values to you and your businesses...sorry but that is a marketing fact. I won't be buying books from Powell's and I won't be eating at McM's. I will not be giving money to elitist liberals who have nothing in common with Cindy Sheehan, but who seek to push her messaging onto the rest of us stoooopid people.

Nice take Mag. MM

Mike Austin said...

I lived in Portland for 20 years. Your rant reminded me why I left. Now I simply and purely hate the place. To walk into Powell's is to witness up close and personal every species of human debris that the city can offer up.

I fled Portland and moved to Central and South America for 14 years. Now I live among the normal people of Oklahoma City. I daily thank God that I no longer have to suffer those barbarians of Portland.