Monday, October 09, 2006

The REAL Bill Clinton Legacy

Major Mike
(Updates below)

North Korea's nuclear test last night is the proverbial icing on the William Jefferson Clinton Legacy Cake.

Let's review...Paula Jones.

"Paula Jones agreed to drop her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton on Nov. 13 in return for $850,000 – but no apology or admission of guilt from the president.

Read the whole article and its many'll probbably come to the Clintonian conclusion that nothing happened here...he just felt like giving Paula $850,000 because he is a generous man.

What else? ...Monica Lewinsky.

"Aug. 17, 1998: President Bill Clinton becomes the first sitting president to testify before a grand jury investigating his conduct. After the questioning at the White House is finished, Clinton goes on national TV to admit he had an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky."

It took a year of Clintonian Testimonials about his truth telling, to finally unravel that, he did have sexual relations with that woman. Perjury charges, obfuscation, and major quibbling, followed by disbarment.

And there were fund raising issues...

"Clinton has said he does not remember making any fund-raising calls from the White House. But former White House official Harold Ickes has told Senate investigators that Clinton made several fund-raising calls at his request.

Gore admits making 46 fund-raising calls. But White House officials maintain that Clinton and Gore are exempt from a federal law prohibiting fund raising in government buildings."

More memory loss and obfuscation.

His effective Anti-terror campaign...

"What haunted me more than anything else was that [President Clinton] refused to make a decision. Human lives were at stake – the lives of American service members and the lives of our allies who opposed Saddam at our behest and were now under attack. At a time when America’s honor and grander principles were being challenged and the world was watching our every move… the president was watching golf."

Punctuated and aggressively defended by his spittle lace tirade against Chris Wallace on Fox News.

And now North Korean captured here. Highlighted by the October 2000 agreement between the Clinton Administration and North Korea...

"Concluding an unprecedented visit to Pyongyang on October 24, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright announced that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il had apparently signaled a willingness to end testing of the Taepo Dong-1 ballistic missile. Albright and Kim met for two days of discussions covering North Korea's missile program, nuclear transparency, normalization of relations, and a possible trip to Pyongyang by President Bill Clinton. Albright is the highest-level U.S. official ever to travel to North Korea and the first U.S. government representative to meet with Kim."

I think this pretty much cements the Clinton legacy as an...woefully inept, money gurbbing, internationally feckless, lying, womanizing, license-less lawyer, oh...and former President. I guess I can see why he got upset with Chris Wallace...that is a lot to protect.

Thanks WJC, you have made the world infinitely more dangerous, and getting red in the face, bulging your eyes, blaming others, and spttling on Chris Wallace won't change that. I guess you will blame the "vast right-wing conspiracy" when North Korea sells their nukes for cash. Of course, none of it will have been your fault. You were too busy building your true legacy.

Update. CNN cements their legacy of idiocy by not getting that this is not the World Series of Poker.

"North Korea's announcement of a successful underground detonation of a nuclear weapon has called Washington's bluff."

It is the MSM's flippant attitude towards this grave matter that diminishes the impact this should have on our citizenry. This is not Texas Hold-em, strip poker, or stud, this is NUCLEAR poker, and it is serious. Kim Jong-Il has no regard for international convention, and as such, and in combination of his now possessing a nuclear weapon, he HAS to be viewed as dangerous...not just looney. To treat this as some game, almost assures that we will wake up some morning reading that he, or his customers, have detonated a nuke somewhere in the free world. It won't be so funny then.


Maggiecakes said...

I see Mr. Clinton all over the MSM touting his concern for world poverty victims. He contributed so much to N. Korea's current population of starving people.
And he verbally vomits world peace and his efforts have contributed so much in this area as well.
I hold onto the hope of human nature - from the dark ages of plague, the Renaissance, from the ashes of the Holocaust, Isreal.
Human life seeks to thrive and continue, in spite of nukes, in spite of islamonuts, in spite of democrat lefties, in spite of Carter and Clinton too.
I wonder if Mr. Clinton would still jab his finger at Chris Wallace if the question about N. Korea nukes was posed this week.

patrickhenry said...

Here’s my question about North Korea and its nuclear ambitions.

Why should we care? What does it have to do with us? Isn’t this really more China and Japan’s problem? Seoul’s problem?

Couldn’t we just tell the leaders of North Korea, China, Russia, Japan, and – what the heck – any and all other world leaders that the U.S. wishes them luck in dealing with L'il Kim and his baby nukes.

Just tell them we’re out of the international policing business in this case. You guys figure out what to do with him. Team America is busy blowing away people in another part of the world, and frankly, we're tired of being the Great Satan.

And oh… by the way, we hope it’s understood that if any of his nuclear pottage blows up in the United States, regardless of who might have set it off, a rain of nuclear fire will descend almost immediately upon any and all nations the US does not consider a friend. So all you America bashers better pray every day that nothing happens to Washington, New York, or any other American city, because if it does, there will be, ahem, recriminations.

Trickish Knave said...

PH, without knowing it, you have answered your own question in your first paragraph with your statements in your last.