Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend Ketchup

Major Mike

Mr. Atos Scoops George Will

Mr. Atos Is out on front of the Global Warming Commentary, and he scoops George Will with a more in depth analysis, and better evidence.

Regardless of the "evidence" of the day, I don't think we have come to understand one tenth of what we need to learn about the causes, the ultimate results, and whether or not we mere mortals can positively affect the utlimate outcome. I think we should put more time into research and less, much less, time into half-cooked "causes" and "solutions." If you want the medical hormone therapy...nothing but conflicting conclusions after dozens of years.

I will certainly advocate conserving energy, reducing your individual garbage production, recycling, and any other "green" activity that strikes your fancy. But I am not for bad science, pushing slanted objectives, and setting us on a potentially disaterous course, or a course that we may ultimately want to reverse 20 years from George Will's point.

I am also for companies doing their part...but I am not for BP putting their stamp on this bad science in order to gain market share. Let's all do our part, but let's don't skew the equation.

Still No Jane Fonda Bus

I am the protest captial of the western hemisphere...ticket in hand, and still no Janie Fonda Veggie Fueled War Protest Bus to pick me up. Can you say...12 minutes of fame left? Tick,tick, tick.

Still No Detailed Dem Plan on Iraq

I watched as many Sunday game...I mean talk shows, as I could, and still no detailed plan from the Dems. Hmmm...think we'll see one? I am not holding my breath. "We'll do better"...Is not a plan. Give us the details or give it details means no plan.

Just in...Milton Bradley now missing dozens of "CandyLand" games...Dems suspected.

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