Friday, September 22, 2006

And Your Little Dog, Too...


Surfing the web tonight, I could not help but notice the Yahoo lead story, as presented by ABC's Good Morning America,
Macho Men, Small Dogs. "Lap dogs aren't just for ladies and socialites—tough guys are also toting toy-sized breeds."

The story begins by higlighting "Hutch," the former college football player, now owner of an 8lb Teacup Yorkshire Terrier name "Mazey." But, he's confident in his masculinity. The reporter proclaims there to be no more misconception about a big man with a little dog. Clearly he is confident and ready for committment. Toy breeds, they say, are the choice of so-called "Entertainment's" hunkiest of leading men, like P-diddy and Mickey Rourke.

... Cute!

Uh huh!

Get a cat fellas, and then a clue.

This is a real dog!

Leave it to the Old Busted Media to try to sell men on rodents as friends...

... like Democrats as courageous leaders, the UN as a legitimate world government, John Kerry as President, the French as a competent ally, and Jake Gyllenhaal as an admirable role model. I bet he has a rodent dog too.

Pardon me, but I will stick with the serious breeds.


Major Mike said...

Guess I'll have to trade in my 3 weiner dogs for bigger models. Point taken...just glad I am not an "entertainment."

Mr.Atos said...

In your case, Mike, you've clearly earned enough macho in combat to make up for the three little dogs. Beside, Dachshunds are the exception. They and Shiba Enu's. Both big dogs bred into little frames.

But, around here, I like to go with a breed that will take on a bear.

Mike Austin said...

Yeah, I have noticed the increasing number of men who take their rodents out for a walk in the early morning---and I live in Oklahoma! What must it be like in San Francisco?

But since I am half Mexican, I suppose I get some leeway for Chihuahuas. I love those little morons. As we say, "Muy bravo y casi no come nada." (Bold, and they don't eat much.)

But I sure as H*** would not want to be seen walking one of them!