Saturday, September 23, 2006

Physics, the Left, and the Democrat Party

Major Mike

Dean Barnett put up an excellent post yesterday, pointing out that the Daily Kos (Markos Moulitsas) is losing control of the rhetoric coming from the far left reaches of the normal left and from the spaceships of the far, far left. Dean’s point, which is on target, is that the gas-fired, hard left, is becoming impossible to control and as such, the venerated Kos, and others…Howard Dean, Pelosi, Reid… are losing control of the left-of-center left…and that this unabated wildfire of whacko off-target, off-message, and off-the-rocker rhetoric is wreaking havoc on the purity of messaging supporting the lefty-left agenda, and upsetting the possibilities for the fall elections along the way.

Great piece…read the whole thing.

The Kos is having to come to grips with some universal realities.

1. Physics applies to everyone. Newton’s Second Law of Motion:

"The relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is

F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector."

Those that have moved the center of the Democrat party to it current, left-of-center-left location always felt that they could control, stop the leftward drift, and relocate the nadir of the Party to a place of their choosing.

They have underestimated the lunacy of the far left, and over estimated their ability to control the mob induced left-drifting frenzy that Howard Dean, Kos, and other have induced into the left. Now that they have the body accelerating left…they are having difficulty stopping it to the spot of their choosing. When this happens, as Dean Barnett points out, the Kos claims to be agnostic and distances himself from the fray. Sorry, Kos this is of your doing, and this crowd belongs to you.

The key element of the equation is the “a,” or acceleration piece…there is still acceleration behind this movement, and thus increasing force. Until the Dems can tame the acceleration, they will remain out of control of their own party. When the Kos' and the Howard Deans step out of the way, the Democrat Party destined to contintue accelerating left with no one to stop it. Enjoy the ride.

2. Revolutions are tough to get a net on. Napoleon Bonaparte understood this.

"A revolution can be neither made nor stopped. The only thing that can be done is for one of several of its children to give it a direction by dint of victories."

Like our Physics lesson above, revolutions are difficult to control. Often those who initiate the events surrounding change and their visions, are left in the dust for a more radical finishing point. Russia 1917.

This is where the Dems find themselves…moving farther to the left than they have ever imagined, and not being able to slow the move to the Left down. The Lieberman/Lamont primary serves as the example…a good Dem thrown overboard because the leftward revolution moved beyond the control of the party, and now seemingly…Kos and the lefty-left gang.

3. Should the Dems ever stop the acceleration left, they will still have a lot of hurdles to overcome to make it back to the Truman, JFK left. Momentum explains this. I'll let The Physics Classroom do the ‘splaining…

"It is not enough to say that the ball has 10 kg*m/s of momentum; the momentum of the ball is not fully described until information about its direction is given. The direction of the momentum vector is the same as the direction of the velocity of the ball. In a previous unit, it was said that
the direction of the velocity vector is the same as the direction which an object is moving. If the bowling ball is moving westward, then its momentum can be fully described by saying that it is 10 kg*m/s, westward. As a vector quantity, the momentum of an object is fully described by both magnitude and direction." (my emphasis)

In simple terms…the left would have to have an equal counter-swing to offset their movement to the far reaches of Leftdom. This counter-swing would have to be equal in size and intensity to counter the flow to the left. Imagine…this would require a huge swing right for a Party that is already around the bend of liberal thinking…doesn’t seem doable.

The Dems are losing control of their move to the left and consequently, will have a tough time regaining control of the messaging, and a more difficult time of re-gaining control of their party.

When the likes of Kos, step aside and let the party go rolling off the cliff, it is unlikely that those who didn’t understand the revolution, but got on board anyway…Reid, Pelosi, et. al.,…will grasp the situation soon enough to recognize that the point of no return has already been crossed.

Be prepared for a full on splintering of the Democrat Party…history and physics are working against it at this point.


Mr.Atos said...


"Sorry, Kos this is of your doing, and this crowd belongs to you..."

Damn right! The Mechanisms of What Is Being Left, cannot now isolate themselves from the resulting actions. The Kos is the primary cog that chimes the hour of lunacy. He can hardly claim independence from the movement, however hard he may try.

Struggling to gain control of the gimbles, the Democrat craft is spinning helplessly into the void. A direction would be a start at regaining control, but there is no such thing for a party guided by whim.

Physics is a manifestation of reality. And reality is absolutely at odds with every motivation of what is being Left... hence the nonsensical trajectory of their craft.

dueler88 said...

I've had this *feeling* for a long time (yeah - touchy-feely liberals can understand THAT) that contemporary Republicans are ideologically roughly equivalent to yesterday's rank-and-file Democrats, while contemporary Democrats are roughly equivalent to yesterday's rank-and-file Socialists. I would love for somebody to try to prove me wrong.

Another comment:

It is worth noting the major difference between the far left and the far right.

When you think of a prototypical far right-winger, you think of some crazy religious guy living in a cabin in Idaho. He may have some "strange" beliefs and he may have some automatic weapons, but he mainly just wants to be left alone, and expects the same of others. He may have some like-minded friends, but they sorta keep to themselves.

When you think of a prototypical far left-winger, however, you think of an eco-communist living in someplace like Southeast Portland who thinks that Bush is Satan incarnate and that all Republicans are evil. He is motivated by a desire to change society, in order to save the planet or seek justice for the worker or whatever. Contrary to the right-winger above, he can't just go live in a cabin in Idaho - he MUST seek to make society live by his rules.

So I ask you - which one is more dangerous? The whacko who wants to be left alone, or the whacko that wants to change the world?

Major Mike said...

First Atos going after my dogs, and now you besmirching my zip gotta get new dogs AND guys are harsh. MM