Thursday, September 07, 2006

Making My Own Predictions

Major Mike

***Update: Welcome Hugh Hewitt visitors. The Clinton Adminsitration Flounders are making my appointment to the Colorado State University Hurricane Forecasting Team (CSUHFT) an almost certainty...CNN covers me on 4 of 10 predictions, and the show hasn't even aired yet. With my record, I'll be predicting hurricanes in no time. ***

I am sure this clarification by the network will soothe the Clintoneers...

"Adjustments and refinements" are "intended to make clearer that it was general indecisiveness" by federal officials that left the country vulnerable to terrorist attacks, "not any one individual," the paper quoted the executive as saying. (my emphasis)

...not sure how that helps...I guess it allows the Clintontonians to blame faceless government robotons, rather than accepting the responsibility that comes with running this country. I guess there is more to being President than ensuring that the Lincoln bedroom is prepared for the next campaign donor.

"...general indecisiveness...that left the country vulnerable to terrorists attacks..." that sticks to the shoe like a combination of bubble gum and dog poop. Good luck with getting that off...I heard peanut butter helps.

***Update: The Clintionian Criers are already hitting the airwaves...why so defensive? So far I have the solid potential for going at least 2 for 10 (potential CSUHFT material)...Sandy Berger and Madeline Albright are already coming through for me. ***

Hugh Hewitt proved yesterday why he is the best in the talk show business. His guests yesterday, Cyrus Nowrasteh (writer/producer) and actor Prosanna Puwananrajah, from the upcoming TV mini-series “The Path to 9/11,” and Hugh’s interview, covering of the breadth of the project, were stunning.

I was taken by the completely apolitical nature of their comments, and their calm and steady referencing of the best established facts about the 9/11, and the events leading up to it. The Congressional 9/11 Report is the basis for the movie, and their responses to Hugh’s many questions surrounding 9/11 often brought them back to that reference document. (Remember…this is the document lauded by the Dems as the smoking gun for the Bush Administration’s ineptness leading up to the catastrophe of 9/11). And, in those cases where events pre-dated the plotting behind the 9/11 killings, they adequately covered their answers with references to “the best evidence available.” In the end, they were calmly persuasive about the series’ allegiance to the truth, and their commitment to a neutral, non-partisan presentation of the history surrounding the tragedy that is 9/11.

Simply put, they are to be believed.

Which leads me to this post.

I called into the show yesterday, praising the guests and warning of the “prancing” that would occur on Monday and Tuesday of next week by the Clinton apologists, and the historical graffiti artists that will begin their defense of Clinton, and their predictable attack of the show. Without having seen the show…I, the Great Karnac, will make the following predictions about next week…( I know I was down on predictions last week, but that was soooo last week)…

1. Madeline Albright will be on about fifty shows each day “not remembering it happening like that,” or words to that effect.
2. Sandy Berger will be on about te
n shows insisting he has never slammed downa phone in his life.
3. Hillary Clinton will visit a women’s shelter and avoid all comment.
4. Michael Moore will write an overly wordy, and vulgar review of the movie completely ignoring all of the established facts of the 9/11 Commission Report, and referencing only his own, fact-less movie "Fahrenheit 9/11."
5. The lefty blogosphere will try to, in an effort to reign in everyone else’s freespeech and access to information, jam internet search and messaging services with negative or counter messaging. Oh, this has already happened…
see below.
6. Bill Clinton will say repeatedly…”We never had a clear and certain opportunity to take out bin Laden.”
7. Jimmy Carter will be on about three shows showing little knowledge of the facts surrounding 9/11, but he will blame America in some fashion.
8. The depth of the Clintonian attempts to influence the editing of the film WILL become public, and this will be more damaging to Bill and Hillary than the actual Clinton Administration failures leading up to 9/11.
9. All of the Dem leaders in the House and Senate will decry the movie as rightwing propaganda.
10. Serious Americans will view this movie and begin to sort out which party is serious about defending us and our institutions…next week’s polls will bounce in the GOP’s favor

I now there are many out there caterwauling because I am making predictions on the heels of my lambasting the Colorado State University Hurricane Forecasting Team, but I feel that if I even get half of these right, I can continue predicting to my heart’s content, or I could at least get a job at CSU.

I urge you, watch the movie, and remember;

1. This movie was made in Hollywood, and conservatives are not the ones trying to interfere with post-production editing.
2. The conservatives in the blogosphere are only urging readers to view the movie and draw their own conclusions…the left is trying to
skew, and jam, the access to information regarding the facts about the movie.
3. His basis for the script in the movie was the
9/11 Commission Report itself, and other relevant and substantiated documents for events prior. As a mechanism for guiding the factual storytelling, there lacks a better, more neutral, compass.
4. Some Bush Administration officials may not be portrayed in a favorable light, and indeed some may appear inept…it is for us to judge in the next election cycle who would best fill these difficult, and critical, positions of leadership out into the future…the GOP, or the backpedaling Clintonian Dems.
5. Although this is a movie…it will be, indeed, a depiction of how a determined and sophisticated enemy is engaging us, even if involuntarily on our part, in a global war for our country and our values…do not miss the direness of this point.

Congratulations to Hugh for a superb show yesterday, and to all those great bloggers out there supporting the truth, and fighting the disinformation campaign


Mr.Atos said...

As per my previous post, and according to ABC news, Disney is editing/censoring its miniseries so as to redact blame from the Clinton Administration for 8 years of fecklessness with regard to terrorism and anothe 5 years of obstruction. The Left will follow-up with a Google Holocaust in order to prevent a curious American public from finding out about CENSORING and MEMORYHOLING on the part of the Left, or to even research the facts for themselves. The Left simply cannot allow the American public to make their own determination.

dueler88 said...

I sense a pattern in Clintonian behavior:

When confronted with an accusation about marital infidelity, first deny, then commit perjury, then obfuscate semantics in order to avoid being charged with a crime and to avoid losing power/respect.

When confronted with an accusation that an attack on American soil *might* be as a result of his lack of action, first deny, then obfuscate, then enlist the support of allies for further obfuscation.

That's the cynical response I have.

The realist/cultural analyst response is this (to Clinton's defense):

Clinton never had a mandate by the majority of the American people to go after Islamic Militants with a degree of ferocity that might have avoided such a tragic course of events.

But I then must ask the question: must an elected leader always take American public opinion in to consideration when deciding upon appropriate actions in foreign and military affairs?

I'll let y'all ponder that one for a few . . .

Boghie said...

To All,

On 2006/09/04 the American fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan equaled that of an hour and a half on 2001/09/11.

Five years...

And, we have seriously degraded Islamic Terror.

To the Libs: Fight them there - or here?

Anonymous said...

I have been following this story and the fury that is being generated by the Left is amazing. This morning it occurred to me that I had seen this all before. It was the Muslim response to a group of cartoons that they believe insulted their central religious figure. I am sure we are only a short way from Kos calling for the beheading of the executives at Disney...

Major Mike said... are spot on. I like the options...pull it or edit my if THAT isn't support of democracy and free speech, I don't know what is. What is the word I am looking for? Hmmmm? Orwellian?

The Dems (interesting that Democracy is the root word base for the name of their party...what is the word I am looking for? Irony?)would be in ballistic orbit if former Republican Administration officials were trying to stiffle free speech, let alone if those of us simply on the right were trying to do it.

Thanks for the comment.

OBTW...I wonder where all those who went ballistic on the NSA eavesdropping fall in on this? Outrage? I haven't seen that yet. MM

dueler88 said...

I wanna know where the cries of 'CENSORSHIP!!' from the Hollywood crowd are.

Oh, that's right - censorship is okay if it suits their views.

If a Republican administration had been in the Oval Office instead of Clinton at the time, we would never hear the end of censorship accusations.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Democrats are not as interested in,or effective at, protecting the country as they are at salvaging their sorry reputations.

Boghie said...

The NutRoots and Clintonistas should have 'remained silent'.

Folks are now going to ask what all the hub-bub is all about.

When they research these scenes they will find the Clintonistas redefining what the word is is. And, they will find the KOSacks to be wildly ignorant and inaccurate.

How many center-left folks will remain tied to the KOSacks and LamontALots.

drake said...

Too bad "Path to 9-11" didn't go back further than the Clinton administration. They could have shown us when President Reagan “cut and run” from Lebanon, after 241 American Marines were killed by the Hezbollah bomb - the first sign that America would flinch at a terrorist act.

Unlike Reagan, who in a 1985 effort to free a few American hostages being held in Lebanon, authorized the sale of 107 tons of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Iran – President Bush stands up to the Iranians, and would never consider appeasement or negotiations, let alone selling them weapons! That's the sort of bravery and resolve by Bush that was missing from an otherwise fine docudrama.