Friday, September 01, 2006

The Lingering Ghosts of Beslan...


Sirius reminds us that today is the 2nd anniversary of the massacre at Beslan. (HT. Michelle Malkin). He does so with pictures, and nothing touches a father's nerves more than the pictures of dead, bloody children the age of his own, sprawled about. I urge that you look at your own risk for first there is a sense of plunging sorrow, as if it is your own. Yet upon realization, the sorrow is multiplied by numbers and transferred empathetically among the unknown parents of those slain children. Then it begins to turn to rage, at the realization of just how easily they could be your own... this very afternoon, tomorrow or next week.

And as it turns personal, so then does it become political as I recall that the Democrats' and the Left's inane approach to security and diplomacy through the nineties ultimately yielded the massacres at Beslan, Madrid, the attacks in London, New York, and Washington,D.C.; just as they might surely yield a repeat of Beslan, right here in Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas if in November, this Nation once again blinds its eyes and lends the Democrats anywhere, even a fragment of power to project a repeating approach to misery and tragedy.

At the time,
I wrote...

... Most mothers and fathers there [are] not spared the horror of loss with a similar blow to their skull. Their blow comes each morning anew as waking lights the flickering memory of a smile dashed out of existence by Islamic fascist butchers. Like it or not, we are again and in fact, engaged in a struggle for existence on the frontiers of civilization with brutal savages that would just as soon dash the head of our infants against a rock, as they would shoot them in the back, burn them alive, or shred them with shrapnel by the hundreds. And regardless of the inability of some to see beyond their own sophomoric delusions,the consequences of error are real and final. The ghosts of ...Beslan will join with those of Manhattan, and Madrid, or even Seattle, Dallas, LA, Des Moines, Columbus, Pittsburg, Portland, and perhaps even London and Paris as grim reminders that capitulation to terror is an invitation to slaughter.
Capitulation to this is simply not an option. And yet capuitulation to the butcher's of Beslan is a fundamental aspect of the Democrat's agenda should they win control of the House or Senate, or both simply by means of intellectual default. For they see no threat in the world, save George Bush, Republicans, and American exceptionalism, and therefore they have no plan for the future beyond the acquistion of power. As long as they continue to project the suicidal agenda of the world's fringe Left, any victory for Democrat's this November is, therefore a capitulation to this...

...and an invitation for more of it.

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