Friday, September 29, 2006

The Bertram Scudder Award - Olberman...


September 2006 - Bertram Scudder Award for Journalistic Malfeasance

And My Sandmen's first Bertram Scudder Award is bestowed on non other than Kieth Olberman of MSMNBC BFE REMF SOB for his petulant partisan tirades against President Bush and personal insult of fellow journalist, Chris Wallace of Fox News.

Like that of the original media misfit for which the honor is named, this award identifies the characteristic qualities of Rand's fictional portrayal of the modern figurative visage of an untidy figure slouched over a bar. Like that of
Scudder of "The Future," his is not an expression of ideas but a bucket of slime emptied in pubic. This recipient indulges in tirades which do not contain a single fact, not even an invented one. Rather, he pours forth a stream of sneers and adjectives in which nothing is clear accept the filthy malice of denouncing without considering proof necessary.

Congratulations Keith! You are Bertram Scudder in the flesh.

And Sorry, Jack. Calamity Jack Cafferty of CNN BTW ROTFLOL BS MFG was our second runner up. Next month for sure, Jerk...I mean, Jack!

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