Friday, September 08, 2006

The New WTC: Guilt or Optimism?


Gothamist has a story about the new designs for the other buildings at the World Trade Center site.

Most critics will call attention to the specifics of each design. But my biggest problem is the continued inclusion of the gaping holes where the Twin Towers used to stand.

Such a parti is for a people that are obsessed with guilt and loss. It is not for a people that are full of optimism and has visions of a better future.

We should build right on top of those gaping holes - rebirth and optimism rising from the ashes of disaster. But not until we destroy the enemy, win the war, and have the opportunity to rediscover the boundless optimism brought by the victory of Liberty over Tyranny.

But what do i know? I'm just your friendly neighborhood architect.

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Major Mike said... are dead on. Our culture is becoming mourning-centric. Witness our the thousands of roadside memorials of white crosses and flowers. I attribute this to egocentric self-absorbtion on the part of the grievers, and those who make grieving an occupation instead of a phase of life.

It is not in our history to abandon all of our fields of loss to eternal memorial. This is a recent phenomenon that reflects more a personal selfishness, than memorial of deed.

I like the design, but sometimes a hole is indeed an hole...and most times they need to be filled...those of spiritual nature as well as those of a physical nature.