Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Butcher's Manifesto...


The Butcher's of Islam have delivered their latest manifesto...

Convert Or Die! (HT. Michelle Malkin)

... to which we replay in sagely American fashion, "Go Fock Yourselves!"

Normally, we like to circumvent the temptations of vulgarity here; profanity being the refuge of the imbecilic (ie. The Democratic Underground). Yet sometimes, there is but one way to say a thing and convey perfect meaning! So there you go, Adam Gadahn. Bend over and have at it, if you're able. I submit, you're not even manly enough to satisy yourself, much less the appetite of a single virgin, thereby leaving 69 other stygian whores of Mohammed frustrated and angry... and one just terminally perplexed, you miserable excuse for a man.

And that goes for the rest of you fascist Nancy's!


dueler88 said...


Major Mike said...

The silence from the appeassing left is deafening. The fulcrum for the fight between the Western culture and Islamic culture rests with the moderate Imams...if they cannot put an end to the radicalization of the Koran...then a global war will happen.

Note...this will not be a war against Islam per se, but if the moderates cannot regain control of their faith, then the inevitable war against radical Islam and the west, will unavoidable include all of Islam.

Now is the time for moderate Muslims to unite to protect the true faith, for if they don't, their voices will not be heard above the din of global war.

Sad, but true.

Oh, and I'll be force to convert right after I run out of ammo. MM

dueler88 said...

Right on, Mike. If moderate muslims will not purge the radical militants from their midst - relatively peacefully - we will do it for them - extremely violently (and with a few too many civilian casualties). I say this not because I want it to happen, but because I understand history and the American character.

Marine Gunfight Rule no. 10: Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

Mr.Atos said...

Sadly it is true. Look back at my post on the Ghosts of Beslan. I refer to Cooper's portrayal of the Massacre at Fort William Henry from Last of the Mohicans. In many ways, the brutality of the Hurons at that notable incident, and Cooper's rendition of it decades later, help seed the hatred and distrust felt by Colonial Americans toward the American Indians. Those unfamiliar with facts and history attempt to suggest a racist component to the degraded relationship in the 19th century, neglecting the commity and respect shared by English colonists and Native Americans until the bloody Indian Wars. Many of the more brutal tribes united with the French against the English and their own native allies... the Mohawks, Delawares, Mohicans, etc. Many of those tribes were nearly wiped out by the French and their allies; not by the English. The Frendh lost the quest for colonial conquest and in the end, all that was left was a lingering hatred of the 'red man' as a whole. It was not racism or manifest destiny as much as just rhetorical disgust and institutionalized distrust. It lasted over 100 years, yielded the veritable extermination of a dozen cultures and and it all stemmed from the actions of one brutal fringe element.

Know it, Muslims! Because the ghost of Fort William Henry could easily come back to haunt you and your children for centuries.