Thursday, July 07, 2005

At The Gates, And Beyond...

There is not much more in the way of commentary that can be added by us at this time. The information is still coming in from London; dead being gathered and counted, injured struggle for life, and wounded are being treated. We wait for word, and listen passively for the sound of more explosions and recall that there is a war being waged in defense of Western Civilization against a modern Barbarian horde. That horde includes fanatics of many varieties both foreign and domestic. And while good men and woman stand and fall at the wall along the frontier, the chaos pours through every breach in our defense - breaches in our vigilance, in our determination, and resolve, and in our faith in the sanctity of the virtue that encapsulates our very lives. Some of us, simply do not want to prevail, and as such, do not wish to survive. Far too many of us desire to submit, both to their own selective stupidity and the blade of the butcher.

Those of us who worship the virtue of life and refuse to see it consumed by the putrefaction of ideological relativism will not relent; will not submit to stupidity nor violence. The Left has been bludgeoning Western defenses from within for nearly four years with an incessant attack against the core of the will that anchors our perseverance. I am sorry to say that We will be obliged to save their pathetic rear ends in the process of exterminating the murderous insects that have infested our planet from Afghanistan to Zermatt.

Our British brethren have been dealt a blow today. And although the offense amounted to a bloody lip relative to the legendary nature of British resolve, nevertheless our sorrow and prayers are extended today to the proud people of England as they once again clean up the blood and rubble of mayhem on their streets...

... and expose the shared face of directed rage.

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Major Mike said...

I hope we are able to stiffen our resolve as a response to what the Brits have experienced today. i fear however it will take another knife in the back for us to remember that these are bad people who want us dead. Nice post.

Mr.Atos said...

That is what my fellow blogger, Dueler, keeps saying too. I'd like to believe both of you are wrong, but I do not relent to the ignorance of irrational delusions as so many in our city do. Thank you for your comments.

Does this mean you're back?