Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Major Mike Closing His HQ...


The blogosphere is about to lose a great, if lesser known contributor to the continuum of this historic conversation. Many of you know him as a frequent caller to Hugh Hewitt's show. Major Mike is closing shop. If he goes, we'll miss insight such as this posted as a recent comment here,

I find two things even more remarkable. First, the farther successful societies get off their founding base, the more vulnerable to failure they become. The more the left, and the courts, continue to deny our very rooting in Christian beliefs, and the farther away or more neutral we become about that basis, the more vulnerable the US becomes to being tilted. I am not a holy roller, but it was the great inner strength ourour earliest settlers, a strength derived from religious beliefs, that put this country on the path to greatness. It is the religious grounding of our Constitution that makes it the credible, and longstanding document that it is. The continual denial of this important connection will eventually have this country founded simply on expansionism and continental domination, neither of which add foundation to this nation.

Secondly, it is incredibly ironic that in societies such as ours, our very freedoms can put us on the path to destruction...from without or from within. The non-constructive dialog of the left, and their continual pandering to special interest groups, will leave us particularly weak as we diminish our protections through the lapsing of some provisions of the Patriot Act, by not actually "profilling" those who aim to kill us, and not seriously developing alternative, but workable national security schemes. Theirs is the language of the diametric opposition...yes is always countered with a no. All ideas of the right are always wrong. The other way will the correct direction...none of which are true. Our people are more rooted in similarities than they are in opposition. What will keep us off tilt is a civil and constructive discourse whose actual objective would be to add to the stability and longevity of this nation...not simply to smear a President and win 5 house seats in the next election. The misuse of our freedoms, and the weakening of our country's foundation by continual attacks at the very things that make us strong, will ultimately lead to our demise.

Please visit his site and lend encouragement or just check out his archives. I have never met, the Major, but as a fellow Portlander, I think that he has profound insight to offer from this bastion of insanity. And he offers it well.


louielouie said...

you got that right.
came here from the mm site and added you to my list.

Mr.Atos said...

Thank you. And we look forward to hearing more from Mike, posting here with us as we are still attempting to seduce him to join this alliance.

Stay tuned.