Friday, July 29, 2005

Introducing Hearing Loss to Republicans

Major Mike

I was a little bit discouraged when early on in my military career I was informed that I had minor hearing loss in both of my ears. Although I was still able to fly jets, I, like everyone, had my hearing closely scrutinized every year to ensure that it would not worsen, and that I would suffer no long-term disability due to this loss.

It has its drawbacks…I tend to go through speakers in my truck when well-liked rock-and-roll songs are played…and played loud. Most speakers weren’t meant to go to 42, but it seems that 42 is right where I am feeling the full effect of the bass…sorry fellow commuters. My daughter is pretty good sneaking up on me. My wife accuses me of intentionally not listening, and my apologies must quickly follow.

It has its advantages. I can easily tune out the “conversational tone” dbs where my hearing loss resides. This is extremely handy in long, boring meetings. I can easily get into the “zone.” I get to upgrade speakers quite often. And taking a quick fighter nap is a snap, regardless of background din.

Republicans…embrace hearing loss. As the Dems begin to prattle on about Judge Roberts’ alleged (read as …completely fabricated) shortcomings…don’t listen. Don’t hear a word of it. Don’t fight it. Don’t counter it. Don’t get in the weeds with them. Just don’t listen.

You have the votes to confirm him. Know this and believe this, and most importantly, execute this. Believe in the ’04 election results. As it has been for over 200 years…the President picks the judges. If he has a majority, he gets his choice…period. It is OK to be polite and let the Dems flap their gums, but don’t react to it in anyway. Push your judges straight to the bench, and don’t look back.

Aside from electing a President who is doing a great job in fighting the GWOT, the ’04 election was always about judges…GOP Senators…don’t fumble on this. Roberts to the Supreme Court, and don’t hear any of the worn rhetoric or shrill, nonsensical protestations. Use hearing loss to your advantage…now and also when it comes to the Chief Justice. Don’t waiver, and don’t listen.

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