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What Is Being Left - v.8.0...

Mr. Atos

Keeping it simple this week, I'll let what is being Left speak for themselves. Because, even in the aftermath of recent savagery, what is being Left has more righteous indignation for the President of these United States, than they have for the instigators of mass murder for the sake of jihad.

From The Boston Globe's
Thomas Oliphant, on Al Franken's Air America show, Thursday morning: (HT: Hugh)

Franken: So these are monsters. We are dealing with monsters.

Oliphant: Yes we are, but not very well in my opinion. And, um, what I think is so awful, in the short term, is that we don't see, is this culture that lacks acountability in the United States, just fascinates me. (emphasis is mine)

Franken: You are talking about the Administration?

Oliphant: Yes! And Congress is complicit in this. And I don't care whether you are talking about 9/11 itself, the run-up to the war in Iraq, or the insurgency since then.

The tone makes you wonder just who Tom and Al are refering to when they say, 'monsters.'

Then there's yet more from the staff of the Boston Globe,
Derrick Z. Jackson,

It was all appropriate in the moment. In a greater context, there is a tragic hollowness. The world, of course, shares the sympathies of Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, who said the London bombings were a ''despicable, cowardly act." Yet every invoking of the innocents also reminds us of our despicable, cowardly killing of innocent Iraqi civilians.

Or perhaps you forgot about them. That was by design. We have rightfully mourned the loss of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11. We have begun mourning the loss of about 40 people in London. We have mourned the loss of 1,751 US soldiers, who, bless them, were following orders of their commander in chief. But to this day, there has been no major acknowledgement, let alone apology, by Bush or Blair for the massive amounts of carnage we created in a war waged over what turned out to be a lie, the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction...

...Worse, this denial of death, in a war that did not have to happen, is sure to fuel the very terrorism we say we will defeat. The innocents in the so-called war on terror are always ''our" citizens or the citizens of our allies. The only innocent Iraqis are those killed by ''insurgents." Our soldiers clearly did not intend to kill innocents. But this posturing of America as the great innocent, when everyone knows we kill innocents ourselves, is likely only to make us look more like the devil in the eyes of a suicide bomber.
(Emphasis mine)

In other words, 'We deserve it!' And not only do we deserve more of what London got, but we deserved the slaughter on 9/11, for the sins of slavery and Capitalism, if one reads the rest of Mr. Jacksons' imbecilic rant.

And these real peddlers of marxist
agitprop and the butcher's apologists, like the Globe's Jackson and Oliphant, wonder why we consider them to be anti-America. And papers like the Boston Globe wonder why the Old Busted Media has lost credibility with the mainstream American public.

British Labor Leader and Howard Dean surrogate, George Galloway, curiously mimics Zapotero today by exploiting the incident of terrorist's attacks and massacred countrymen in London to unseat Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said the British Prime Minister and the US President should resign in the wake of yesterday`s explosions in London...

...Speaking at a news conference held just a few hundred yards from the scene of the London bus explosion, Mr Galloway said the anti-war movement had a duty tospeak out against the policies he said were to blame for the spiral of violence.

"If we allow this despicable act of mass murder to be used as justification for more despicable acts of mass murder visited by us on them they will seek to inflict another act of mass murder on us and that dismal cycle of death and destruction will continue."We have to put into reverse the policies which have led us to this."

As I have indicated here before regarding Mr. Galloway,

in a recent interview on the campus of the University of Dhaka, Mr. Galloway called for global unity between Islamisists and forces of the world Left.

One wonders if Spain's Socialist President Jose Zapotero agrees on that issue with Galloway and his Muslim Fascist allies? Was the price of Zapotero's position worth the blood of a few hundred of his countrymen spilled on behalf of the Left's 'Galloway Doctrine?'

Indeed! Is Mr. Galloway attempting to profit similarly from the blood of his own? The patterns of behavior of these two men are proving more similar now, as they were then, as does the curious episode of both these bombings. Might not it be prudent to ask, just how far will what is being Left go in order to heed the advice and guidance of the 'Galloway Doctrine?'

... and act upon their hatred of this President and everything and everyone that he stands for? Afterall, what is being Left might believe that any nation too stupid to vote for their candidates and their agenda, deserve to be, as Derrick Z. Jackson puts it, "...the devil in the eyes of a suicide bomber."

I submit to you, what is being Left has already allied itself with evil.

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