Thursday, July 21, 2005

Portland's Brand Of Tolerance...

Suspect Arrested Following Death Threats Against Conservative Talk Show Host

Mr. Atos

Police have finally made an arrest in the case of ongoing and very disturbing death threats made against a Conservative Portland radio talk show host, Lars Larson. The Larson family was forced to move once in 2004 after the threats and stalking began. Soon thereafter the sequence resumed. As KATU news reported yesterday, a suspect was arrested by local police officers on the property of the Larson family. (HT: Salvation)

PORTLAND, Ore. - A man who investigators believe is behind threats made to radio commentator Lars Larson has been arrested on harassment charges.

Vancouver police took 38-year-old Bret Harter of Portland into custody Wednesday morning following a seven-month investigation.

The case involves death threats made by telephone to Lars Larson and his wife, Tina. Lars Larson is the host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show based out of Portland. According to investigators, the Larsons say they received numerous harassing phone calls throughout 2004 and 2005.

Larson told KATU News that the phone calls were quite disturbing. "On one occasion, he called Tina and said 'you left the house a little later than normal today and you went to Lake Oswego. Why did you go to Lake Oswego?' "

The threats became the buzz of Portland late last year after an on-air outburst by Lars Larson. "They said, 'We're going to come and rape your wife to death - we're going to rape her until she bleeds.' If this is offending anybody - good! 'Cause I'm mad," Larson said on the airwaves in November of 2004.

Police ended up arresting Harter on Wednesday after seeing him on Larson's property.
An audio recording of Lars Larson's broadcast remarks regarding the threats against his wife and children can be heard here.

All charges against Mr. Hartner, at this time are just that... charges. Do let's continue to follow this story to see if in Portland, Oregon this is indeed what is being Left.

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